Eyes Ears Nose and Paws

Welcome to EENP's volunteer site! Your help changes lives -- whether the lives of our inmate-trainers as they learn to shape our pups into highly-skilled assistance dogs, or the lives of our clients, who have the support of canine partners to assist them in their daily lives. You might even find that the experience of volunteering changes your own life...

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Classes and Trainings

Trainings for volunteer activities, including volunteer orientation, vacation home training, and Puppy Parent orientation.
Activity Shifts Start End
Canine Care & Safety Training 6 5/25/2022 11/16/2022
Volunteer Information Session 6 5/25/2022 11/16/2022

Interest Activities (Unscheduled)

Sign up for these activities to indicate your interest in helping when needed.

Activity Shifts Start End
Dog Transport 1
Scent Samples 1
Video! 1

Office/Administrative/Technical Activities

Volunteer opportunities helping with administrative, management, and technical tasks. Generally these are on-going shifts or as-needed activities (such as stuffing envelopes for a mailing).
Activity Shifts Start End
Help Us Work at the Hillsborough House! 20 5/28/2022 7/31/2022

Mission Statement

Eyes Ears Nose and Paws partners people with dogs to improve lives.

We collaborate with the correctional system to train assistance dogs that we partner with people who have disabilities. Our inmate-trainers develop interpersonal, leadership, and job skills while giving back to the community despite their incarceration; and our clients receive life-changing support for their disabilities in the form of a highly-trained canine partner.

Our Service Dogs assist people with mobility impairments.  These dogs assist with a wide variety of daily tasks, including retrieving items, opening doors, operating buttons and switches, and helping prevent and recover from falls. Our Medical Alert Dogs are trained to detect and alert to changes in medical conditions such as diabetes; retrieve medical kits; and get help in an emergency.