Events: Client Training Seminar Activities - Training Room and Office Deep Clean

Help us welcome our clients with a spiffy-clean training room and office. This is typically done the 1-2 days prior to Client Team Training (date TBD). Tasks include:

  • dusting surfaces and blinds
  • wiping down surfaces (including those touched by dog noses, like switch plates)
  • wipe down wall behind grooming area
  • clean grooming boxes
  • glass surfaces (tables and windows)
  • fridge/freezer and other kitchen appliances
  • bathroom
  • wipe out crates
  • wash toys, tugs
  • clean bunny home
  • sweep, vacuum and mop
  • rearrange furniture and desks

This is a fairly physical cleaning and volunteers will need to move boxes and cabinets to reach behind them. Volunteers should be able to lift 40 lbs, squat, and bend over.