8 - INTEREST Signups (Unscheduled) - Cook Bland Diet

We are looking for volunteers that can help us regularly cook bland diet for our office and prisons. 

Bland Diet is a recipe we use when dogs have been having very loose stool (diarrhea) and their stool won't solidify. This blend of plain chicken and plain white rice, usually this help harden the stool in a matter of 24hrs or less.


Bland Diet Recipe   


2c plain chicken breast or canned chicken breast

3c plain white rice 

* both ingredients matter how much you intend to make*


Preparation Steps:

  1. Boil some plain white rice and make sure its dry when you finish. Making it dry individual pieces, and not mush.
  2. Boil some plain chicken until its done all the way through. (NO BONES)
  3. Mix the chicken and rice together in a big zip lock bag



Please do not cook any other rice than plain white rice, and also don't cook any bones in the chicken. So that's why we recommend chicken breast. Thank you