8 - INTEREST Signups (Unscheduled) - Dog Transport

From time to time, we have a need to transport one or more dogs between our ABEL training site and EENP on a day when we are not traveling to the prison. These are sometimes scheduled in advance (such as for an event or for a vet appointment) but may also be on an urgent basis (such as when a dog is ill and can't be housed in prison). Volunteers signing up for this activity are indicating that they are willing to be contacted by email, phone, or text (when available) about transporting dogs. Volunteers can accept or decline any transport.

By default, we will only call or text between 8 am and 9 pm -- please let Julie (julie@eenp.org) know if you would be willing to be contacted outside of those hours about emergency transports (we are very grateful to our night owl volunteers who are able to help in the middle of the night!).

This position requires current Canine Care & Safety in order to accept a transport. (You can sign up for the activity before you have completed CC&S, but you won't be contacted about transport until you qualify.)