8 - INTEREST Signups (Unscheduled) - Video!

We need video!

Our ABEL trainers regularly request videos to help them with training issues and most importantly to give them context for the work they do. These include videos of our events like graduations and leash ceremonies, training in the office, and work with the clients. We often have the raw video already but don't have the capacity to compile it and burn it to DVD.

We also need some short videos of our clients and trainers that we can use for PR purposes. These would need to be created from the ground up. Videos don't need to be high quality, heavily produced, but they do need to be thoughtful.

All this means we need volunteers who can shoot, edit, produce, and manage that video.

  • We can immediately put to work any volunteer who can take raw footage and run it through conversion software then burn it to DVD so it can be played on a television. We can instruct you in how to do this, we just don't have the time to see the projects through on a regular basis. This will be most helpful if you can commit to doing this regularly (whether that is weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) for a six month period or so.
  • We are also looking for volunteers who can take on an entire project (such as a 1-2 minute video on a given topic)
  • We sometimes need volunteers who can just shoot decent video of a given event (such as a puppy evaluation or graduation), which can be edited by someone else later.  
  • We sometimes need video editors for video that we already have that needs to be shaped into a video with titles and cuts. This takes a bit more technical knowledge or at least the willingness to dig in and learn as the editing software is somewhat complex.

If you have any interest in helping with video in any of these capacities, please sign up here and then let us know what your specific interests are.

We have a portable DVD burner so you can work from home if you have your own computer. We also have an iPad with our preferred editing software for videos that need editing. The iPad can be borrowed from our office for short periods like a weekend or you can work with it in our office.