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Our Parks depend on support from those who use and love them. Your contribution of time is one way to help Cincinnati Parks maintain our status as one of the top urban park systems in the country. From working out in the parks with dirty hands to engaging the community for special events to administrative tasks – there are opportunities for everyone. We have one-time and ongoing opportunities available to provide you with a rewarding and satisfying volunteer experience.

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General Interests

Administrative, Creative & Special Interest Projects

Cincinnati Parks welcome the help and talents of a wide variety. The gifts of many talented, pragmatic, devoted volunteers enhance our parks and programming in invaluble ways.

If you have a knack for crafting, building, photography, creative writing, data entry, crunching numbers, organizing, scheduling, sewing, acting, playing, technology, or anything you'd like to share - please check out what these interesting or unusual ways volunteers help us! If you see something missing - contact our Volunteer Coordinator. 


Activity Shifts Start End
Mask Makers 1
Multi-Media Support Team 1
Photgraphy, Videography & Editing 1
Tree Catalog Project 0
Virtual Administrative Support 0

Conservation & Land Stewardship

Cincinnati Parks depends on the support of volunteers in our endless efforts to combat the impact of invasive plant species throughout our parks system. Cincinnati Parks makes up 10% of the city's land mass, including thousands of acres of forest and woodland areas, we are faced with acres of honeysuckle, invasive vines, garlic mustard, lesser celandine and other aggressive and stubborn non-native plant species. Our mighty, but limited staff cannot not consistently attend to the aggressive nature of these plants without community involvement.

Volunteers are organized by staff and community leaders. This structured program offers a wide range of opportunity for volunteers to engage in our efforts of habitat restoration and the preservation of our natural areas. Volunteers work alongside staff and volunteers on service projects from an introductory and novice level to becoming trained and established as a Land Steward, holding a license to apply pesticide, certify volunteers in pesticide application, and managing the long-term land management plan of a Cincinnati Parks designated area. 

The roles and requiremnts of this program are outlined below:

Introductory volunteer:

  • One - time or occasional service event volunteer

CPB Trained Service Person:

  • Serve on an invasive removal project a minimum of 10 hours
  • Complete a training series on invasive plants
  • Sign & submit the Cincinnati Parks Indemnification Policy

Site Manager:

  • Must be a CPB Trained Service Person
  • Must hold a CPB Volunteer Management Badge
  • Appointed by the Land Steward
  • Responsible for keeping records of volunteers and pesticide application the day of their charge

Land Steward:

  • Must be a CPB Trained Service Person
  • Must hold a ODA license 
  • Appointed by the Cincinnati Parks Land Manager
  • Responsible for keeping all pesticide application records for the designated Cincinnati Parks location
Activity Shifts Start End
California Woods - Winter Forest Restoration Series 2 2/6/2021 3/13/2021
Invasive Removal 1
Northside Greenspace - Invasive Removal Projects & Program Events 11 3/30/2021 1/9/2022

CPAC's - Cincinnati Parks Advisory Councils

CPAC Mission: To build and maintain public support for Cincinnati Parks by providing feedback to the Cincinnati Park Board and exchanging and sharing information and providing mutual support between park advisory councils.


Activity Shifts Start End
CUF Area Parks 1
Mt. Airy Forest Advisory Council 1
Mt. Echo Advisory Council 1
Preserve Burnet Woods 1
The Friends of Alms Park 1

Krohn Conservatory

Activity Shifts Start End
Krohn Conservatory Grounds Assistance 0
Krohn Conservatory Horticulture Help 0
Krohn Conservatory Outreach Capstone 1
Krohn Crafters 1

Land Management - Deer Program

The purpose of the Deer Program is to reduce (not eliminate) the number of deer in order to restore the health of our parks and to sustain long-term biodiversity and native forest plant species.

The Cincinnati Park Board has a responsibility to conserve the natural resources under it’s ownership for future generations to enjoy. The overpopulation of deer severely threatens those natural resources by reducing the diversity of plant life, including seedling trees that would become our future forest, and the wildlife that depend upon those resources. We feel that reducing the deer population is a key component of managing our natural resources and maintaining biodiversity.

Each year more than a hundred licensed, qualified bow hunters volunteer hours and skills to support the deer management program. 

For more information about the deer management program, follow this link to the FAQ page on our website.

Activity Shifts Start End
2020/2021 Bow Hunting Season 1 7/27/2020 3/31/2021


Activity Shifts Start End
Trail Maintenance 1

Working In Parks - Independently

Activity Shifts Start End
Horticulture Assistance IN YOUR PARK 1
Litter Pick Up In YOUR Park 1
Mt. Storm Gardeners 1
Olden View Garden Helpers 1
Riverfront Clean Up and Horticulture Assistance ONGOING 0
Tree Maintenance & Care 1

Working In Parks - Scheduled

Activity Shifts Start End
Smale Gardening Group 31 3/23/2021 10/26/2021


Activity Shifts Start End

Mission Statement

"To conserve, manage, sustain and enhance parks' natural and cultural resources and public green spaces for the enjoyment, enlightenment and enrichment of the Cincinnati community."

The mission of the Cincinnati Board of Park Commissioners is “to conserve, manage, sustain, and enhance parks’ natural and cultural resources and public greenspace for the enjoyment, enlightenment and enrichment of the Cincinnati community.“ Our vision is to serve as a leader in using Cincinnati parks to build better lives and better communities. The Park Board’s guiding principles are for the parks to be clean, safe, reliable, green, beautiful and enriching.

Cincinnati Parks C.A.R.E.S

Creating Economic Impacts

Advancing Conservation

Rejuvenating Health and Wellness

Enhancing Quality of Life

Sustaining Social Equity