Horticulture Helpers - Washington & Ziegler Park Gardening Group


This opportunity is currently on pause. If you have an interest in supporting Hort Staff at Washington Park or Ziegler, please contact Christyl.Johnson@cincinnati-oh.gov 0r 513.240.5735

Volunteers will assist Park staff at Washington & Ziegler Park with general horticultural needs (clearing, weeding, deadheading, light pruning, watering, and planting). This a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in public horticulture or who enjoys working outdoors!

This opportunity is team based. The goal is to build an experienced group of volunteers that report to Washington Park (primarily, occasionally @ Ziegler) and work with the horticulture staff at least two Thursdays per month. This will be an on-going opportunity that requires a long-term commitment, minimum of one season. 

The group will be capped at 6 volunteers. Each Thursday shift will accommodate up to 3 volunteers.   

When you register, you will have a brief interview with a volunteer coordinator, to ensure this will be the best opportunity for you and the team.

Parking will be available for volunteers in the garage at each location.