Conservation & Land Stewardship

Cincinnati Parks depends on the support of volunteers in our endless efforts to combat the impact of invasive plant species and maintain the 65 + miles of trails throughout our parks system. Cincinnati Parks makes up 10% of the city's land mass, including thousands of acres of forest and woodland areas, we are faced with acres of honeysuckle, invasive vines, garlic mustard, lesser celandine and other aggressive and stubborn non-native plant species. Our mighty, but limited staff cannot not consistently attend to the aggressive nature of these plants without community involvement.

Volunteers are organized by staff and community leaders. This structured program offers a wide range of opportunity for volunteers to engage in our efforts of habitat restoration and the preservation of our natural areas. Volunteers work alongside staff and volunteers on service projects from an introductory and novice level to becoming trained and established as a Land Steward, holding a license to apply pesticide, certify volunteers in pesticide application, and managing the long-term land management plan of a Cincinnati Parks designated area.