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***Before getting started, please scroll down and click on the links of Volunteer Needs to see the help we need here at Dallas Hope Charities***

Help us help those who have lost their jobs and are simply looking to put food on the table for their families. Our food pantry will be busier than it's ever been, and the result is that we could use an extra hand. We'll keep you safe, and you'll help keep families fed.

We can use volunteers who can stand, stoop and lift. No symptoms of illness will be allowed on site. Masks and gloves will be recommended on site. 


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Volunteer needs

Before Signing Up to Volunteer


Thank you so much for your interests to volunteer here at Dallas Hope Charities. We truly appreciate you taking your own personal time to help those in need and hopefully we can see you come in as much as possible!

Before continuing to our application page. Please be sure that you are aware of the following information:

When you do create your volunteer application. Please do not register to volunteer for any events that we may have. Instead, contact the Mobile Food Program Coordinator Brandon Lopez at blopez@dallashopecharities.org to get additional information about how the volunteer application works and other great volunteer needs we are currently looking for.

Thank you again for taking an interest and hopefully we can see you here real soon!

Mobile Food Program

Our Mobile Food Program is one of the biggest programs here at Dallas Hope Charities and we need a wide variety of assistance from managing our warehouse/landing space, to assistance with our new 41-foot food truck, and assistance with our on-site events. 

Below are just a few opportunities that we can offer, but if you would like to discuss more specifically about what you can offer to the program. Please get in contact with Brandon Lopez at blopez@dallashopecharities.org

-Work/Social Organizations to commit just 2-3 hours a month to help prepare food and help maintain our food truck to get ready for the event the next day during the WEEKDAYS.

-Work/Social organizations to commit 3-4 hours a month to help serve food and assists our on-site pantry during the WEEKDAYS.

-Volunteer driver(s) to pick up donations at Costco on Churchill Road (North Dallas) Monday and/or Tuesday. 30-80 lbs donations are what to expect.

-Volunteer Driver(s) to drive our Charity Van to pick up donations and drop off our mobile pantry items at our serving sites.

-Individual Shift leader volunteers to help on WEEKDAY EVENINGS with taking initiative with getting everything ready with volunteers along with being the point of contact with new volunteers who assist.

-Volunteers who are interested in WEEKDAY EVENING opportunities to help prep and organize the food truck the night before we serve at our site.

-Volunteers who are interested in DAYTIME WEEKDAY opportunities to assists with our mobile food pantry along with serving/cooking meals in our food truck.

-Volunteers who are interested in maintaining our Warehouse/Landing Space from organization, inventory, and more.

Dallas Hope Center Volunteer Needs

Dallas Hope Center provides a safe, connected, and welcoming space for our homeless LGBTQIA+ youth. They have the freedom to be authentic and honest, in an environment that encourages growth. Dallas Hope’s Transitional Living Center (TLC) is dual functioning: as stabilization and then to transitional living.

The Hope Center needs a variety of needs from guest speakers, life coaches, maintenance workers, and many other more opportunities. If you have something else that you think you can offer our residents. Please contact Courtney Johnson at cjohnson@dallashopecharities.org.

Collective Hope Coalition

Collective Hope Coalition seeks to end hopelessness and eliminate LGBTQ+ suicide in North Texas. Most volunteer needs will be event related in some capacity, but other opportunities will be posted occasionally. The Coalition Coordinator will mostly be seeking volunteers for tabling or event setup/clean up, sharing information about DHC and/or CHC, taking event photos, and leading community discussions. Volunteers should be outgoing and open to speaking with a wide range of audience members. If you are interested in applying for upcoming volunteer opportunities or would like to know more about the Coalition, contact the Coalition Coordinator via email at chc@dallashopecharities.org or via phone at 469-494-8523."

Dallas Hope Center

Dallas Hope Center provides a safe, connected, and welcoming space for our homeless LGBTQIA+ youth. They have the freedom to be authentic and honest, in an environment that encourages growth. Dallas Hope’s Transitional Living Center (TLC) is dual functioning: as stabilization and then to transitional living.

***Please know that a background check will need to be on file prior to volunteering at the Hope Center, email the Hope Center Manager Courtney Johnson at cjohnson@dallashopecharities.org for general information regarding volunteering at the Hope Center. ***

Below are volunteer opportunities specific to the Dallas Hope Center

Activity Shifts Start End
Budgeting and Spending Plan: Know and understand how one's values influence money decisions 1 1/31/2022 12/30/2022
Develop a realistic spending plan for one month 1 1/31/2022 12/30/2022
Help residents keep track of a weekly allowance 1 1/31/2022 12/30/2022
Plan a week of nutrition and economical meals with supervision 1 1/31/2022 12/30/2022
Plan nutritious meals with supervision 1 1/31/2022 12/30/2022
Planting a vegetable garden 1 1/31/2022 12/30/2022

Mobile Food Program

The mobile food program shifted from a stationary food program to a food truck that gives us the ability to meet people at their point of need by serving fresh meals in low income and at-risk communities throughout Dallas. Dallas Hope Charities addresses the need of food insecurity by providing meals to individuals that would otherwise go without.

Below are volunteer opportunities specific to the mobile food program.

Activity Shifts Start End
Fresh Fit Preparation at the Commissary 11 1/30/2022 11/27/2022
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church (Uptown Dallas) 49 1/27/2022 12/29/2022
Rosemont at Arlington Villa (Dallas Medical District) 11 2/14/2022 12/12/2022
Rosemont at Arlington Villa (Fresh Fit) 12 1/31/2022 12/26/2022
Rosemont at Lake West (West Dallas) 22 2/1/2022 12/20/2022
Rosemont at Meadow Lane (South Dallas) 48 1/26/2022 12/21/2022
Tuesday Evening Food Preparation at the Commissary 48 1/25/2022 12/20/2022
Young Men's Hearts of Servants of Richardson Volunteering Day 11 2/12/2022 12/11/2022

Mission Statement

Dallas Hope Charities unites to care for those in need throughout our social and geographical communities. By collaborating and hosting several programs, we are fulfilling our mission of providing food, shelter, and services that instill dignity, stability, and hope for all.