Marketing Department - Website Development

Website Development

Skilled website designers join our team to help create an impactful online presence. Your expertise is invaluable in conveying our mission effectively. 


Your Impact

  • Enhanced Online Presence Collaborate with our team to design and maintain our website, ensuring it effectively communicates our mission, stories, and impact to a wider audience.


  • User-Friendly Experience Create an engaging and user-friendly website that provides information, resources, and updates to our community, donors, and supporters.


  • Visual Storytelling Use your design skills to visually tell the stories of our organization, showcasing the positive impact being made in the LGBTQIA+ community.



  • Proficiency in WordPress website design.

  • Understanding of User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX)

  • Knowledge of backend coding is a plus.

  • Strong design and layout skills.

  • A creative and empathetic mindset to align with our mission.

  • Willingness to work collaboratively with diverse teams.


Time Commitment

  • Flexible hours based on your availability.

  • A commitment to ongoing maintenance and updates is appreciated.



  • Making a Real Difference Your website design will directly contribute to our mission of providing food, shelter, and services that instill dignity, stability, and hope for all.

  • Portfolio Enhancement Gain valuable experience and showcase your design skills on a website that impacts lives.

  • Networking Opportunities Connect with our community partners, volunteers, and LGBTQIA+ youth.



A Hope Dealer web designer will significantly contribute to our mission's success. Your web design skills will help us reach a wider audience, tell impactful stories, and create a more inclusive online space. Considering this opportunity to make a real impact with your talents.