Marketing Department - Voices of Hope: Amplifying LGBTQIA+ Stories

Voices of Hope: Amplifying LGBTQIA+ Stories

Impact You'll Make

Storytelling Prowess Dive into the narratives of our LGBTQIA+ youth residents through audio interviews, and craft compelling stories that resonate with authenticity and hope. Your storytelling skills will shine as you illuminate the diverse experiences and journeys within our community.

Awareness Building Your written pieces will serve as powerful vehicles for raising awareness about the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ youth experiencing housing insecurity. By amplifying their voices, you'll foster empathy, understanding, and support within our community.


- Strong writing skills and a passion for storytelling.
- Empathy and sensitivity in interacting with individuals from diverse backgrounds.
- Willingness to adhere to confidentiality guidelines and ethical storytelling practices.

Time Commitment

- Flexible scheduling to accommodate interviews and writing sessions.
- We value any time you can dedicate to this project and appreciate your commitment to our cause.


- Meaningful Impact Your stories will directly contribute to creating a more compassionate and inclusive community, instilling hope and dignity in the lives of LGBTQIA+ youth.
- Personal Growth Hone your storytelling abilities and deepen your understanding of the LGBTQIA+ experience through firsthand narratives.
- Community Connection Connect with our residents on a personal level and become an integral part of our supportive volunteer network.

Your role as a volunteer storyteller is pivotal in uplifting and empowering our LGBTQIA+ youth residents. Join us in amplifying their voices and sharing stories of resilience, strength, and hope with the world.

Qualifications Required

  • Address Your Unconscious Biases Must be Completed
  • Hope Dealer Handbook Must be I have read and ACCEPT all terms & condition within the Hope Dealer Handbook.
  • Introduction to Unconscious Bias Must be Completed
  • LGBTQ in the Workplace: Gender Identity vs. Sexual Orientation Must be Completed
  • Respect Ethnic & Racial Differences Must be Completed