Marketing Department - Videographer/Video Journalism


A Hope Dealer videographer is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in our community. This is crucial in helping us spread awareness and hope. He


Your Impact

  • Storytelling for Change You will capture the inspiring stories of our LGBTQIA+ youth residents, showcasing their journeys and resilience. Your videos will raise awareness and drive support for our mission.

  • Educational Content Create content for our "Hopeful Discussions" series, focusing on LGBTQIA+ identities and issues. Your videos will help educate and build a more inclusive community.

  • Highlighting Safe Spaces Document the collaborations with the Dallas Police Department and local businesses, showcasing the safe place initiative. Your work will emphasize the unity in our community.

  • Donor Engagement Your videos will be a powerful tool to connect with our donors and supporters. By visually presenting our impact, you'll help us express gratitude and keep our donors engaged and informed.



  • Passion for storytelling and visual communication.

  • Proficiency in video shooting, editing, and post-production.

  • Personal equipment required.

  • Willingness to collaborate with diverse teams and individuals.


Time Commitment

  • Flexible hours based on project and event schedules.

  • Willingness to attend and photograph events as they occur.

  • We appreciate any time you can contribute to our cause.



  • Making a Real Difference Your videos will directly contribute to our mission to provide food, shelter, and services that instill dignity, stability, and hope for all.

  • Building a Portfolio Gain valuable experience and build your portfolio with impactful content.

  • Networking Opportunities Connect with our community partners, volunteers, and residents.


A Hope Dealer videographer is integral to our mission's success. Your creative storytelling will help us spread hope, educate, and foster a more inclusive community. Consider this opportunity to make a real impact!

Qualifications Required

  • Hope Dealer Handbook Must be I have read and ACCEPT all terms & condition within the Hope Dealer Handbook.