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Every week in the greater community, and at South Church, there are a variety of opportunities to get involved, lift up the community, and help your neighbors. We welcome all and actively nurture connections that bring meaning and joy in service. 


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Andover Farmers Market

The volunteer-run Andover Farmers Market is a vibrant hub connecting local farmers, artisans and the community through the joy of local food. Volunteers help to make it a place to nourish the body, mind and spirit.

Click here to visit the Farmers Market website.

Activity Shifts Start End
Farmers Market: Entrance/Exit Volunteer 21 7/20/2024 10/12/2024
Farmers Market: Set-up 8 7/20/2024 10/12/2024
Market Break Down 11 7/20/2024 10/12/2024
SNAP Assistant 17 7/20/2024 10/12/2024

Bread & Roses

South Church is helping create a bagged meals as a grab and go option at Bread & Roses. We prepare this meal at South Church and deliver it to Bread & Roses the same day. Opportunities now include a shopper, meatloaf or sandwich preparers, cookie bakers and a driver.

Activity Shifts Start End
Bagged Meal Preparers 1 7/20/2024 8/17/2024
Cookie Baker 2 8/17/2024 8/22/2024
Driver 1 7/20/2024 8/17/2024
Shopper 0 7/20/2024 8/17/2024

Habitat For Humanity

This month we will plan on being at the Hamilton site where 5 duplexes of affordable housing are being built.  No experience needed. Work alongside experienced Habitat staff.  Ages 18 & up (16 & up with guardian) on one Saturday a month as desired.



Activity Shifts Start End
Build Affordable Housing with Habitat 9 8/10/2024 4/12/2025

Neighbors in Need Food Pantry

Neighbors in Need operates six food pantries open to the public strategically located in neighborhoods throughout Lawrence, Methuen, and South Church in Andover.  They provide food for over 1,800 families every week- and over 500,000 meals last year. 47% of those served are children under the age of 18 and 16% are elders.

Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the food pantry at South Church has been meeting outside. We are looking for volunteers to help us welcome our neighbors back inside the building.  

Activity Shifts Start End
Greeters for the Food Pantry 24 7/18/2024 12/26/2024

Serving South Church: Fellowship

Throughout a number of different ways, we focus on giving an extravagant welcome for meaningful connection to all in our church community!

Activity Shifts Start End
Lemonade on the Lawn Helper 6 7/21/2024 9/1/2024
Lemonade on the Lawn Lead 3 7/21/2024 9/1/2024

Serving South Church: Worship

Our worship volunteers help to offer visitors the warm, extravagant welcome we strive for at South Church. Help set-up the sanctuary, greet visitors, prepare communion, create flower arrangements, and more.

Activity Shifts Start End
A/V Worship Team 24 7/21/2024 12/29/2024
Flower Arranger 24 7/21/2024 12/29/2024
Greeter: Elevator 24 7/21/2024 12/29/2024
Greeter: Front Door 23 7/21/2024 12/29/2024
Run Audio for Worship 21 7/21/2024 12/29/2024
Sunday Flower Delivery 24 7/21/2024 12/29/2024
Sunday Offering Counting 24 7/21/2024 12/29/2024
Usher 22 7/21/2024 12/29/2024
Usher Lead 22 7/21/2024 12/29/2024
Virtual Deacon 18 7/21/2024 12/29/2024

Service Central: Actively nurturing connections within and beyond our walls!