CJSF broadcasts from the Burnaby mountain campus of Simon Fraser University at 90.1 FM to most of Greater Vancouver, from Langley to Point Grey and from the North Shore to the US Border, and through a speaker located just outside the station.

CJSF is on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

As a campus-community station, CJSF strives to provide points of view that are rarely expressed in mainstream media. This includes music that isn't top 40 and news that isn't on the big media outlets. As a non-commercial station, CJSF takes pride in being an alternative to mainstream media and offers the public a forum for expressing points of view that otherwise may not be heard. All programming is produced within the regulations of the Broadcasting Act and Radio Regulations as supervised and regulated by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, or CRTC.

The station is run by a small paid staff, several volunteer department coordinators, and approx. 100 general volunteers drawn from the campus of Simon Fraser University and community at-large. CJSF welcomes new volunteers, especially those who are interested in non-commercial media, to participate in the station as a programmer, department assistant, interviewer, reviewer, or video/sound tech.

CJSF has a variety of programs supporting the involvement of students and members of the community in other ways: the station accepts press releases, public service announcements, event announcements and news stories for on-air broadcast. Send them by email, campus mail, by hand, regular mail or fax to the Programming Department.

There is also a request line to talk to programmers and request music. They'll put your request on-air, provided it fit the format of the show, and they can find it. Check the program guide for show times, and call the request line at (778) 782-CJSF (2573).

To get involved, Sign-up via Better Impact or drop by the station to sign up for our Orientation session!

We're located in the new student union building at SFU.

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About CJSF

Mission Statement 
CJSF is a non-profit, non-commercial, campus-community radio station dedicated to the production of unique, diverse, high-quality programming that informs, entertains, and inspires.
Vision Statement 
We refuse to remain static, and instead endeavor to increase diverse, stimulating, high-quality programming not available on traditional commercial outlets. This includes a focus on independent and non-commercial music, as well as providing a voice for under represented community issues and events in Burnaby and surrounding communities of Greater Vancouver. We are committed to being a dynamic resource, providing SFU students and community volunteers with valuable real-world experiences in radio and media operations. 

 The CJSF Story

CJSF Radio has been around since the early days of Simon Fraser University, first as a music club, then an oddball, unlicensed radio station that was heard from a series of speakers placed around the campus.

In 1974, a group of volunteers began a non-profit society to operate the radio station. Registered under the Society Act of BC, the Simon Fraser Campus Radio Society (SFCRS) was established. The SFCRS remains the organization that runs the radio station.

Since its beginnings as a renegade station, CJSF has gone through several stages of broadcast development. The first major step came in 1980, the year the station obtained an AM broadcasting license to broadcast on campus to Shell and Louis Riel Houses through an application to the CRTC. Next was the move to cable FM in 1985. Cable broadcasting brought the station to listeners in the community through cable systems in the Lower Mainland.

In October of 1987 the station made its first application to the CRTC for an FM broadcasting license to replace the AM/cable FM license. On February 23, 1989, station members attended a CRTC hearing in the Hotel Vancouver. Unfortunately they were denied an FM broadcasting license shortly thereafter.

In the years between 1987 and the early nineties the station began efforts to establish the station as a more serious broadcaster on the campus and in the community; to provide programming that differed from the format and practices of commercial radio. It grew into its role as a campus/community broadcaster during this period.

In June of 1998 CJSF applied for another FM broadcast license to broadcast on one of the few remaining frequencies available in the Lower Mainland.

From 1998 to 2002 the station battled the bureaucracy of the CRTC before finally being awarded its coveted FM frequency in the summer of 2002.

On February 13, 2003 CJSF went on the air at 7pm. We've been changing the sound of Vancouver radio ever since.

The station is developing a closer connection with the campus and community, and continues to work on improving and strengthening its music and spoken word programming.

In its early days, CJSF was known as CSFU, then CKSF. In 1984 the call letters were changed to CJIV in order to gain commercial appeal. In 1991, station members voted to change the call letters again, and in 1992 the station changed its call letters to CJSF.