The Music Department is the brain of CJSF.  If you are detail orientated and love music then we could use you. Music Volunteers help keep the flow of new music pouring into the station organized. That means, each new CD, digital file or other format has to be listened too, cataloged, annotated, reviewed, and transferred to our music servers.

Some of the other activities you can get involved in include:

  • Organizing the library & playlist: Updating the meta-data, ensuring consistency on tags, and ensuring everything is correctly catalouged and stored.
  • Making playlists: Putting together specific programming list based on genre, and other relatables. (Lesbian International Folk Singers anyone?)
  • Sleeving music: Ensuring all hard copies are correctly stored and filed, and that library copies are in their correct sleeves and location.
  • Reviewing music: Listening to New Music and writing short reviews of each album.
  • Digitizing music: An always ongoing process of transferring our existing hard music library to digital files and ensuring all tagging details are complete and consistent.
  • Cataloging Music: Ensuring all new Music is filed and labeled correctly as per Station rules. This can mean often doing a bit of research on the album/artist to see what programming categories they fall under. (Canadian Content/FemCon/Queer/Independent/Bluegrass


The Music Department also helps with contacting and receiving music from artists and labels for programmers. So, if you're interested in becoming a music programmer the music department is a solid place to start your journey.