Talk Radio / Public Affairs

The Talk/Public Affairs Department produces and supports volunteer production and programming focusing on public affairs, cultural and community stories for the following shows. We workshop your potential stories and organize the training you need to do a great piece for one of our public affairs or arts collective shows:

  • Speak Up!
  • SFU Ideas & Issues: stories about and from students, teachers and campuses of SFU
  • IntraVenus: stories by and about women
  • The CJSF Sports Report
  • The Arts Show: local arts and music interviews

With this department, you can share community news and stories via reading headlines, interviewing people, event recording and more.

They also participate in spoken word collectives, such as "That Chinese Show" and the Women's Collective. The shows are designed to generate ideas and share resources among spoken word programmers

Once you've completed your on-air Qualifications please contact the Public Affairs Department schedule an appointment to go over your program or story ideas.