Events is a branch of our Public Relations Department and includes:

  • Community Outreach Events - CJSF has a presence at many community events and volunteers are a huge part of our PR Team outreach, handing out flyers, tabling, recruiting volunteers, and speaking with the public to promote CJSF.
  • Participation Events - These are public events that CJSF takes an active role in such as marching in the Pride Parade, attending Festivals and other large public gatherings.
  • Live Broadcasts - Along with our Programming Department volunteers, Event volunteers will assist with  set-up, tear-down, on-air guest recruitment and general outreach at our many live broadcast events.
  • SFU Community Events - As a important part of the SFU Community, CJSF has a strong presence at outreach events at all of our campuses, and we will have volunteers talking to students about the station and recruiting new volunteers.