NVADG - North Valley Animal Disaster Group

2020 Returning Volunteers
NVADG held our annual training for returning volunteers this January at the Lake Oroville Golf and Events Center in Oroville. The venue, which overlooks beautiful Lake Oroville, was the perfect setting for dedicated volunteers to re-unite and kick off a new year of training and preparation for a disaster that we hope never comes again!


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Pop Quiz:  What's an "SOG"?  

SOG = Standard Operating Guidelines - We've worked hard to get our SOGs together- they should answer most of your questions- Click to check them out!


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2020 Training

Activity Shifts Start End
Animal Technical Rescue Awareness and Technician 3 6/5/2020 6/7/2020
Annual Disaster Drill 1 5/30/2020 5/30/2020
Evacuation Operations 1 4/18/2020 4/18/2020
Hotline/Dispatch/Radio Operator 1 5/2/2020 5/2/2020
Large Animal Intake and Shelter Operations 1 3/14/2020 3/14/2020
Small Animal Behavior 1 3/7/2020 3/7/2020
Small Animal Shelter 0 4/4/2020 4/4/2020
Supervisory Skills 1 5/2/2020 5/2/2020

NVADG Work Party

Activity Shifts Start End
Locust Final Moving Day 1 2/29/2020 2/29/2020

Ongoing Training Activities

Activity Shifts Start End
Air Ops (Has Pre-Requisite) More info:  http://buttesar.org/calendar/ 4 3/21/2020 6/20/2020
Over the Edge (Has Pre-Requisite) More Info:  http://buttesar.org/calendar/ 4 3/17/2020 6/16/2020

Mission Statement

Working with emergency services to educate the public about disaster preparedness, shelter and evacuate animals during a disaster, and assist with human rescue when requested.