Archives and Museum Operations

Archives and Museum Operations includes:
Human resources and volunteer services
IT services
Marketing and sales
Fundraising development
Property management, security and site development
Public and media relations
Visitor services and access to collections
Business Development
Archives & Access
Digital Preservation
Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy
Records Management
Activity Shifts Start End
Volunteer Services Office 1

Collections, Knowledge and Engagement

Collections, Knowledge and Engagement includes:
Collections care and conservation
Knowledge (curators)
Academic relations
Exhibition development and implementation
Activity Shifts Start End
Entomology Assistant 0
Invertebrates Assistant 0
Mammal and Bird Preparator Assistant 0
Native Plant Garden Volunteer 0
Paleontology Assistant 0

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance includes:
Corporate Finance
Revenue Management
Activity Shifts Start End
Museum Host 1

Royal BC Museum Foundation

jobs related to the Royal Museum Shop, Coat Check, Foundation Board, Office
Activity Shifts Start End
Coat Check 1
Gift Shop - Customer Service 1

Mission Statement

 The Royal BC Museum’s mission is to promote an understanding of the living landscapes and cultures of British Columbia and engage people in a dialogue about their future.