Strategic Relations & Initiatives Division - Book Club

Royal British Columbia Museum Volunteer Program Job Description

Book Club

Volunteers work collaboratively, both virtually and in person for this self managed group program.

  • Objective:
    The Book Club role is vital in promoting books through online reviews, in person discussions and through volunteer’s personal community connections. All book club participants are encouraged to post reviews and endorsements, as desired, on social media and retail sites (EG Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon and Goodreads. Within each group (virtual and in-person) there will be volunteers who agree to take leadership and fulfill the Volunteer Lead deliverables.


  • Suggesting titles; keeping book club apprised of forthcoming books
  • Providing coupon codes
  • Providing free books to Volunteer Services library
  • Providing one free book to volunteer lead
  • Answering questions about books, book sales etc.
  • Connecting authors to the book club lead for appearances at meetings if desired

Volunteer leads:

  • Setting up an email list for the book club
  • Establishing meeting times
  • Setting up and sharing Zoom links
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Communicating with book club members

  • All Volunteers:
  • Read the book within agreed timelines
  • Attend meetings
  • Record all hours


Proficient with technology methods such as iPads, PC’s, internet, social media, email, virtual meetings.

Training is provided to volunteers
Suitability of assignment is subject to ongoing evaluation.

Time Commitment:
The shift schedule is determined by the Book Club. It is suggested that 4 books are reviewed quarterly.

Volunteer Sponsor(s)Titles: Editor


  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Creativity
  • Diversity
  • Partnership