Helen Schuler Nature Centre Volunteer Team

Nature Centre volunteers have a keen interest in the natural world around them and a love of sharing it with others.  We are always seeking energetic individuals to assist us in our day-to-day operations!  Join our Volunteer Team if you:

  • love nature,
  • enjoy working with people,
  • can contribute 6 - 8 hours a month,
  • have a passion for life-long learning,
  • are looking for a dynamic experience!

No experience necessary.  We provide the training and ongoing support.  If you are interested in learning more about our unique volunteer opportunities, please plan to attend an upcoming Volunteer Information Session.

If you are ready to begin your adventure on the Nature Centre Volunteer Team, please complete the online application form.

Please keep in mind - we ask all volunteers to start their journey with our team in the Exhibit Room in order to get a sense of our operation, our team, and our approach.

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General Interests


New to the Nature Centre? Or returning to the Volunteer Team?  Then be sure to start with training!

Recommended training steps after completing your online application:

  1. Attend a Volunteer Information Session (60 minutes)
  2. Schedule Orientation (90 minutes)
  3. Schedule Health & Safety (30 minutes)
  4. Schedule Exhibit Roving Workshop (90 minutes)
  5. Complete Self-Guided Tour of Nature Centre (2 hours)
  6. Schedule Volunteer Shadowing (10 hours)
    (must be booked through Volunteer Coordinator)
  7. Complete Criminal Record Check (mandatory)
  8. Schedule additional training like Trail Roving or Program Assistant Workshop (optional)
  9. Build your volunteer schedule!

Once you are complete the initial training and on-boarding, keep in mind that ongoing training and development workshops are part of the Nature Centre's commitment to our volunteer team.  Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming training opportunities that are relevant to you.  We want to help you develop a better understanding of the wonders of the world.  We are always open to ideas from volunteers - let us know if there is specific training you had in mind.

Activity Shifts Start End
1. Volunteer Information Session 2 10/29/2021 11/25/2021

Mission, Vision, Values, & Expectations

Our Mission

To support and inspire closer relationships between people and the natural world around us. Our team of volunteers, staff, and partners work together to foster environmental awareness and leadership. 


Our Vision

Together with Nature!
Our community values and cares for our local environment. 


Our Values

  • We value Creativity in that we strive towards dynamic, ever-changing and fun interpretive programs.
  • Of utmost importance is Quality in the accuracy and currency of the information we interpret, as well as in our programs and public service delivery.
  • We promote Respect, especially for the natural environment and for ecological integrity.
  • We value excellence in Communication as demonstrated by our personable volunteers and staff who are passionate and energetic about nature.
  • Volunteerism is highly valued and volunteers are key to our Centre’s success.
  • Lastly, but by no means least, we value Hands-on/Experiential opportunities – we strive to get people to experience nature first-hand


Our Expectation of Volunteers

Our volunteers have a keen interest in the natural world around them and a love of sharing it with others.  They are energetic individuals that assist us in our day-to-day operations because they:

  • Love nature
  • Enjoy working with people
  • Respect our team and visitors
  • Contribute 6-8 hours per month
  • Have a passion for life-long learning
  • Enjoy a dynamic experience!