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i. St. Joseph's Villa

Activity Shifts Start End
Assistance on External Community Healthcare Appointments 1
Celebration of Life Services 1
Chapel Decor. Sacristan 1
Chapel Service Music Ministry 1
Ecumenical Service, Wednesdays 1
Eucharistic Ministry/Communion, Sundays 1
Feeding Assistance Program 1
Friendly Visits Program - 1 to 1 Resident Engagement Program 1
Gardening / Horticulture Support 1
Guardian Angel Program 1
Hair Salon Services 1
Hand Hygiene Observer and Promotion Program 1
In house Assistance- Optomotry / Dental Clinics 1
Library Service Program 1
Life Enrichment Activities Support 1
Liturgy of the Word, Thursdays 1
Memorial Albums 1
Month of Rememberance 1
Pastoral Visitation 1
Public Event Assistance 1
Quilts and Lap Blankets 1
Resident Lapghan Program 1
Roman Catholic Mass, Tuesdays 1
Rosary Prayer - Open Chapel, Mondays 1
Service of Remembrance 1
SJHC Auxiliary Café 1
Special Liturgies / Services 1
Spiritual and Religious Care - Administrative Assistance 1
Volunteer Services - Administive Assistance 1

ii. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre

Activity Shifts Start End
Assistance for Purchases on Behalf of Patients 1
Assistance on External Community Healthcare Appointments 1
Chapel/Service Music Ministry 1
Eucharistic Ministry/Communion, Thursdays 1
Gardening / Horticulture Support 1
Guardian Angel Program 1
Hair Salon Services 1
Hand Hygiene Observer and Promotion Program 1
Laundry Assistance Program 1
Library Service Program 1
Month of Remembrance 1
One to One Patient Engagment Opportunities! 1
Pastoral Visitation 1
Patient Discharge Survey 0
Patient Menu Planning Assistance 0
Post Discharge Barthel Index Calling Program 0
Public Event Assistance 1
Recreation Therapy Activities Support 1
Roman Catholic Mass, Fridays 0
Service of Remembrance 1
SJCCC Volunteer Reception Service Area 1
Special Liturgies/Services 1
Spiritual and Religious Care Administrative Assistance 1
Tea for the Soul - Assist SHP 0
Up and Move! Walking Program 1
Weekend Patient Restorative Activities Program 1

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Mission Statement


As a Catholic organization, we faithfully continue the healing Mission of Jesus, and respond to the needs of the whole person-body mind and spirit.



~ To be leaders in continuing care, long-term care and rehabilitative care ~





We have identified four core values that guide our behaviour, our work ethic and our decision making.  Our acronym S.I.D.E., which identifies these four core values as Service, Integrity, Dignity and Excellence.  We expect all registered organizational volunteers to collectively “be on our S.I.D.E.” as we generously share our gifts of time to support in service, our elderly frail long term care residents and complex, geriatric rehabilitation patients in continuing care.





  • We respond to the needs of the whole person - in body, mind and spirit.

  • We foster an environment characterized by hospitality, trust and a spirit of community.

  • We design our organizational systems to ensure that they meet the needs of those we serve.

  • We will use our resources to responsibly serve the health needs of society.

  • We are energized by an atmosphere of caring, mutual respect and compassion to find better ways of serving.





  • We function ethically, with honesty, fairness, truth and in confidentiality.

  • We recognize that individual, institutional and societal interests are often in tension. We strive to discern how the good of the whole can best be served through collaboration.

  • We develop a work environment that promotes respect, free exchange of ideas, dedication, accountability, innovation and teamwork.

  • We work together in a spirit of mutual support as we carry out our mission of caring.





  • We believe that all creation should be held in reverence and that life is sacred in all its moments.

  • We demonstrate a caring manner and respect the goodness of all.

  • We respect the inherent dignity and worth of every individual.

  • We communicate openly with each other and provide honest feedback.

  • We speak for the needs of the weakest and most vulnerable in our community.





  • We pursue excellence in the caring of the whole person.

  • We work together to optimize our resources and to provide a safe environment.

  • We measure and strive to continually improve quality in everything we do.

  • We expect accountability for excellence in performance and adherence to professional and organizational standards.