iv. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - Clarion Site - Pastoral Visitation

Service Name: Pastoral Visitation

When: To be arranged upon the resident/family request as per resident wishes.

Volunteer Role: Pastoral visitors must have necessary pastoral visitation training as deemed appropriate by the site Chaplain/Spiritual Health Practitioner. 

Please note: Volunteers participating in the Spiritual and Religious Care Department include any non-mandated clergy who are voluntary, not priests/other parish clergy designated through a church/place of worship.  All voluntary non clergy members involved with the Spiritual and Religious Care Department must be registered through Volunteer Services Department as Registered Organizational Volunteers. Please connect with Volunteer Services to learn more about how to register, use your interests and gift of time to share and enhance another's quality of life!

Procedure/Description: Pastoral visitation with residents to explore, discuss, provide for readings, prayer, spiritual reflection and/or meet the individual's unique spiritual /religious needs as directed by the Chaplain/SHP.