ii. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - SBR Site - Assistance on External Community Healthcare Appointments

Service Name: Assistance on External Healthcare Appointments\

Where a resident/patient may have no representative(s), AND, is unable to pay for a private caregiving agency, a referral may be made to Volunteer Services requesting assistance to accompany a resident/patient requiring accompaniment.

When: As residents/patients require assistance

Where: Various locations for appointments such as; hospital, dental, vision, hearing, clinics, etc. 


Volunteers may sign up to be on a call list within the Volunteer Services office to pick up occasional calls inquiring availability to support accompaniment for residents/patients who have no alternative support on occasional community healthcare appointments.  Transportation and appointment details are arranged prior to appointment time.  Volunteer are requested to accompany residents/patients to assist with portering, to stay with the resident/patient during the appointment, and safe return with the resident/patient via handi-transit or other arranged mobility transportation specific to the unique needs of the resident/patient.

Please note: Volunteer referrals are not received if the resident/patient is exhibiting high responsive behaviours that could put both the resident/patient and the volunteer at risk, requires feeding, administration of medication; toileting and/or transfers as required for the patient’s need through the duration of the appointment time.