ii. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - SBR Site - RC Mass/Liturgy of the Word TUESDAY

Service Name: RC Mass/Liturgy of the Word, Tuesdays

Location: SJCCC - 1st Floor Dining Room

When: Mass begins at 2:30pm.  Volunteers are required  weekly for 2:00pm set up, patient engagement and portering up to - 3:00 pm clean up.

Volunteers are needed to assist with following routine weekly process:

  • Meet as a team with Chaplain/Spiritual Health Practicioner at 2:00pm on 1st floor dining room, set up as needed, pair off in 2 per hospital floor - 1 per each south and north wing, patient engagement- knocking and greeting at each patient room door, inform of service beginning at 2:30pm, encourage attendance, offer supportive assistance where needed, or walk alongside patients (p.t.s) for support while p.t. maintains independence
  • Sit with any p.t. who may request accompaniment, or sit toward back of service to observe if a patient may need assistance through duration of service,
  • safely return p.t.s to their room who may express their need for portering/accompaniment.


  • music ministry (organist/or piano)
  • worship lead - singer
  • If you are unable to come in for your shift, please inform Volunteer Coordinator with as much advance notice as possible so that the site's service support team can have time to find a replacement.
  • The volunteer must arrive at least 30 mins. prior the Mass beginning, to help with set up, patient engagement and portering/accompaniment to and from service with return for cleanup
  • This program is led/directed by the Chaplain/Spiritual Health Practitioner.