iv. St. Joseph's Continuing Care Centre - Clarion Site - Assistance to Hair Salon Services

Service Name: Assistance to Hair Salon Services

When: Bi-weekly or 1 monthly shift beginning at 9:30am, moving through the patient list to porter to and from appointments, assist the salon stylist as needed. 

Goal/Benefits of this service include:

  • Increases sense of self esteem;
  • Creates a positive self image and;
  • Provides time for socialization


Knocking on resident/patient door listed for appointment date, offer assistance with portering or accompaniment with those residents/patients to and from, as well throughout: awaiting their appointments, to provide a supportive, therapeutic, healing environment and opportunity for socialization, as well as  queuing with those experiencing cognitive impairment(s).

 -To provide engaging experiences that promote increasing sense of self-esteem, positive self-image and personal self-worth
 -To engage residents/patients in a calm and relaxing environment that promote sensory stimulation
 -To incorporate support to services that meet with unique resident/patient needs, alleviate and decrease isolation, depression and decline and reduce the desire to become withdrawn
 -To offer opportunities to be out and engaged within one’s own community in a unique social environment with support.

Observation:   Provide prompting/cuing when necessary.