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  • We ask you for a time commitment of 6+ months so you can be trained and provide consistency of support
  • You will have ongoing support throughout your volunteering journey

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COVID-19 Update: Due to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, genU's Volunteering Program has moved to a "virtual volunteering" model whereby volunteers can offer much needed social connections to our ageing clients and people living with a disability. 

These highly-valued virtual volunteer roles are available from the safety and comfort of your own home and are available now.

Read more on virtual volunteering below!


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2020 Virtual Volunteering


  • Online


Volunteers play an important role in our organisation, and we want you to be involved in order to provide social support to those who need this service the most! To keep pace with the changing environment in relation to COVID-19, our Volunteer Program has been modified so that volunteers can provide a service while maintaining physical distancing.

Virtual Volunteering allows you to provide a vital social support service to our clients, from the comfort of your own home!

Our virtual volunteers are donating their time using services such as regular voice calls, video chats and letter writing! Their delivery of social support is having a really positive impact to our senior clients and residents as well as people living with a disability! 

Now more than ever before, elderly members of our community and people living with a disability, need our support and continued engagement to promote their mental health and stay socially connected.

Current Vacancies - see below list 

  • Pen-Pal Volunteer
  • Video-Chat Volunteer
  • Voice-Chat Volunteer


Activity Shifts Start End
Pen-Pal Volunteer 1
The Letter Project 1
Video-Chat Volunteer 1
Voice-Chat Volunteer 1

Aged Care - Mornington Peninsula


  • Mornington Peninsula VIC


Keeping active, independent and connected to your community – genU knows these are all important.

Volunteering within our community aged care program allows you to have a positive impact on our clients whilst you get to know an older person in the community.

Current Vacancies - see below list 



Activity Shifts Start End
Staying Connected Volunteer 1

Costa Residential Aged Care - Lara


  • Lara VIC 3212


Our Residential Aged Care Facility, Costa Aged Care, delivers a range of services to meet residents’ health and lifestyle needs while providing opportunities for choice and independence.

We are proud to host over 100 volunteers across varied roles that assist our leisure and lifestyle staff to deliver personalised care and support on a daily basis.

Current Vacancies - see below list 

  • Care Farm Animal Assistant 


Activity Shifts Start End
Care Farm Animal Assistant 1

Student Placements & Internships


At genU we take on students from a range of different disciplines during the year and we are extremely proud that we are able to support the new generation of workers through their vocational placements.

Activity Shifts Start End
genU Ability Placement - Shared and Respite Living Unit - Colac / South West 1
genU Ability Placement - Shared and Respite Living Unit - Geelong 1
genU Ability Placement - Shared and Respite Living Unit - North / West Melbourne 1
genU Ability Placement - Shared and Respite Living Unit - Southern / Bayside Melbourne 1

Virtual Volunteering - Ability Geelong Region

Activity Shifts Start End
E-GAMER Mentor 1

Virtual Volunteering - Ability Mornington Peninsula

Activity Shifts Start End
E-GAMER Mentor 1

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