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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Durrell. We are a charity, our mission is to save species from extinction and volunteer support enables us to do even more of this vital work.

Our volunteer opportunities are based at our Headquarters at Jersey Zoo. These opportunities are designed so that valuable volunteer hours are used effectively. Volunteer opportunities are defined as regular daily, weekly and monthly activities and also occasional events at weekends, evenings and holidays. Please note volunteers roles do not have direct contact with animals.  

Durrell Charity Shop Volunteering (if you are under 18 please scroll down for a separate sign up link)

Please click here to sign up to volunteer in the Durrell Charity Shop

Fundraising Volunteers

Fundraising Volunteers are now able to sign up and become part of the team faster and easier than ever before. Its doesn't matter where you are from, if you share our vision of a wilder, healthier more colourful world and want to support the work of Durrell Wildlife at Jersey Zoo and around the world now you can!

Please click this Durrell Fundraisers form to start helping us save species from extinction today.

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Short term Volunteering at Jersey Zoo vs Regular Volunteering Roles 

We look forward to building relationships and maximising the benefits of volunteering. Due to the time it takes processing volunteer interest forms, arranging an informal chat, providing induction, volunteer ID, uniform and role specific training, short term volunteering opportunities (less than one month) are generally not available. 

Volunteer opportunities for less than 3+months are based around our charity shop, gardeners and events. These are subject to people being available, invited and completing one of the inductions held over the year and advertised in the volunteer newsletter.

People who have regular time on their hands to give and who are available for 3 months+, volunteering for maybe a morning a week, two afternoons a month or more, are welcome to register interest in any of our roles at Jersey Zoo. Volunteers in these roles come to Jersey zoo for a chat, are invited to attended an induction and then receive relevant training for the role they are asked to do. As this is a time consuming onboarding process we ask that only volunteers who are able to attend the chat, induction and who feel they will be available for a longer period, 3 months+, apply for roles Fruit chopping, Zoo Ranger and Office admin roles.

People from outside of Jersey 

Jersey's customs and immigration state that volunteers need to be eligible to work in Jersey.

Provided international volunteers have the correct paperwork we are happy to have them volunteering with us. Please note we are unable to assist applicants with visa applications.

If you are not from Jersey and unsure if you are eligible to volunteer in Jersey, please check your individual circumstances by emailing

Click for more information on How to get a registration card 

Potential volunteers should be able to attend an informal chat at the zoo before volunteering. Opportunities are based around existing volunteer roles and are not full time.

Accommodation is unavailable for overseas volunteers.

Paid work and students

For student work experience placements or jobs please visit: Jobs and student placements

Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R)

For any groups looking to get involved with Durrell through time provided by their organisation please click here to fill in the form and one of the team will be in touch.


Volunteer opportunities inside Jersey Zoo are for over 18's only.

A limited number of under 18's can volunteer in our Charity Shop, helping us raise money and awareness for our mission. If you are are 14+ and have permission from a parent or guardian  to volunteer, please click here Under 18 application form. Volunteers under 18 can also fundraise for us via the above link provided a parent or guardian gives permission.

Problems with these forms or if you need extra advice please click to email here

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Which area are you interested in? (u18's are only eligible for the Charity Shop)

Durrell Charity Shop

                     Durrell Charity Shop

How physically demanding is this role: This role is rated from 2-5 out of 5. Due to the nature of the different roles availble in the charity shop we rate this role from Low Medium to a High level of physical activity. Some of the roles in the charity shop require lower levels of physical activities such as sorting through soft toys, clothes, computer games, books and dvds but may require standing for long periods or sitting twisting and turning and so rated 2. Other roles can involve heavy lifting such as delivering donated furniture and moving heavy dontated goods and rated 5. 

The Durrell Charity shop generates vital income for Durrell while recycling, reducing and reusing donated goods - consistent with our drive for a more sustainable and eco friendly planet.

We are open to the public to grab a bargain 09:00 - 13:00 Wednesday - Saturday.

Volunteers help out from 09:00 - 13:00 Monday - Saturday.

We welcome anyone in this area who is motivated and enthusiastic and enjoys working as part of a busy team.

If you also have experience in retail and/or customer services then the charity shop could provide an ideal volunteering opportunity for you. 

The role may include: organisation and dressing areas of the shop, pricing goods, serving the public, sorting through merchandise.

If you can drive and are willing there is also opportunity to pick up and/or delivering goods to customers in our zoo van.

Volunteers come together to make a great team. They bring a wide range of knowledge and experience but most importantly a great sense of humour and team work ethic as they raise crucial funds for Durrell and our mission.





How physically demanding is this role: This role is rated from 3-5 out of 5. This area will require a medium to high level of physical activity. 

From raised beds to rose beds, enclosures and paths, Jersey Zoo is our home base and volunteers are helping us keep it beautiful. Volunteers in this area support our conservation mission by enhancing the visits of our members and supporters with wonderful surroundings that show off our grounds. Durrells volunteer gardening team get together and have great fun working outside. 

09:00 - 15:00 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 


Sloth House Volunteer


How physically demanding is this role: This role is rated from 3 out of 5 - Medium. Volunteers in this role will need to be comfortable moving around the zoo grounds and to be alert and helpful to members and visitors.

This role involves spending time in different locations around the zoo, rotating with other volunteers. The different areas require similar approaches from volunteers, i.e. a friendly, helpful, smiling representative of Durrell who can engage visitors with a welcoming and informative approach.

We ask interested volunteers to sign up to at least one session every two weeks. If this is not possible but you would still like to be involved, please speak to the volunteer manager.

The areas include both inside and outside environments and so may involve being warm in the butterfly house to being outside the gorilla enclosure. Moving between stations is also part of the role so a good general health is necessary.

Training will involve a short tour of the areas and some reading on the different areas to help visitor make the most of their time. Durrell uniform and Volunteer ID badges should be worn while on duty in order to clearly identify volunteers to the public.




How physically demanding is this role: This role is rated from 2-3 out of 5. Due to the nature of the different roles availble in Events we rate this role from Low to a Medium level of physical activity. Some of the roles in the Events require levels of physical activities such as taking tickets, showing people to thier seats or shaking buckets but may require standing, walking for long periods or sitting, twisting and turning.

Durrells events both in and out of the zoo help us raise money and our profile to help save species from extinction. This volunteer opportunity is at various times and days of the year including school holidays, evenings and weekend. It could be helping people to their table at black tie fundraising dinners, helping with arts and crafts in the education building, marshaling at the Durrell dash fun run, shaking buckets, selling raffle tickets, dressing up in Halloween costumes for Boo in the Zoo or other fun and friendly customer facing roles - register interest to start helping Durrell at the next event.

Animal diet preperation


How physically demanding is this role: This role is rated from 2-3 out of 5. A Low Medium level of physical activity. This role will require standing for long periods 1/2 hours or sitting twisting and turning.


Are you willing to help in the kitchen? are you dedicated, friendly and able to smile though a few interesting diets? Volunteers who help chop fruit and prepare the animals diets in our kitchens allow our staff to do more of the specialised worked they are trained for. Volunteers will normally work alongside at least one other volunteer and many enjoy the routine of getting together to help prepare the bats, lemurs and tamarin diets. Depending on your availability this might be in the mornings at mammal kitchen or afternoon in the bird dept - some openings are also at the Herpetology dept. 

Visitor experience GDS


How physically demanding is this role: This role is rated from 2 out of 5.  Low Medium level of physical activity. May require standing for shift periods.

Connecting our visitors to our mission and history is something we are committed to doing. Volunteers in our visitor engagement team are happy, bubbly, confident and passionate. By communicating key messages to visitors, volunteers connect us to more people. You don't need to be an animal expert and training is given to enable you to help our visitors get the most out of their day. 

  • Become one of the GDS team Volunteers and cover one of the two shifts each day in the Gerald Durrell Story, our exhibit showcasing our founders life. Shifts run 7 days a week from 11:30 - 14:00 and from 14:00 - 16:30. Most volunteers cover at least one shift a week but volunteers, flexible and available to step in and cover shifts, are also needed.



Office and administration


How physically demanding is this role: This role is rated from 1-2 out of 5. Low level of physical activity - requires sitting and or occasional light lifting. 

Office and admin volunteers help staff to achieve more during normal office hours Monday to Friday 9-5. Perhaps you can come in for a few hours on a regular Monday afternoon or can give a whole day once every other week.  By mutual arrangement with Durrell staff volunteers can schedule times to work which suits both parties. Volunteers in this area need to have had office experience, enjoy working as part of a team as well as a good work ethic and a sense of humour.

Organic Farming

Organic farm volunteers and staff

How physically demanding is this role: This role is rated from 3-5 out of 5. Due to the nature of the different roles availble in the Orgainc farm we rate this role from Medium to a High level of physical activity. Will require standing, walking for long periods and raking, planting, lifting, sowing and other basic garden/farm activities.

Durrell Organic farm Volunteers are a behind the scenes team who help grow some of the fabulous organic and natural food we give to our animals. If you like weeding and farming and have a good sense of humour this might be the team for you. This role peaks from March - October and some volunteers continue to help over the off season too.

Durrell Wildlife Fundraising Volunteer


Durrell Fundraising Volunteers share our vision for a brighter, healthier more colourful world, they are people who will help us make a difference to saving species from extinction. 

If you tick this box you will become part of the Jersey Zoo /Durrell Wildlife story and be able to write your own chapter in our story.

Volunteers have cycled around the world, run marathons, baked cakes, skydived, climbed mountains, washed cars, drawn pictures and planted trees to match thier own strengths, ideas, loves and challenges to make something special happen with Durrell on this wonderful wild planet earth.

The Jersey Zoo and Durrell team can provide you with a fundraising pack and some great places to start and get inspired, but ultimatley its down to you. It's your chance to do it for Durrell and join us in giving wildlife hope.




U18 Volunteers Durrell Charity Shop

Click here to be directed to the u18 volunteer form and register your interest. Volunteers must be 14+


Activity Shifts Start End
Gardening 364 4/23/2024 1/16/2026

Durrell's Mission



Our mission is written in stone.


Volunteers play a vital part in working with us in support of that mission. 


Volunteers enable our staff to dedicate their expertise where it is most needed and help through a range of activities as together we strive for a wilder, healthier, more colourful world. 


You share Durrell's successes and our challenges. Together we are stronger and together we are making a difference. Thank you.


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