Durrell Wildlife Fundraising Volunteer


Durrell Fundraising Volunteers share our vision for a brighter, healthier more colourful world, they are people who will help us make a difference to saving species from extinction. 

If you tick this box you will become part of the Jersey Zoo /Durrell Wildlife story and be able to write your own chapter in our story.

Volunteers have cycled around the world, run marathons, baked cakes, skydived, climbed mountains, washed cars, drawn pictures and planted trees to match thier own strengths, ideas, loves and challenges to make something special happen with Durrell on this wonderful wild planet earth.

The Jersey Zoo and Durrell team can provide you with a fundraising pack and some great places to start and get inspired, but ultimatley its down to you. It's your chance to do it for Durrell and join us in giving wildlife hope.