Zoo Ranger


How physically demanding is this role: This role is rated from 3 out of 5 - Medium. Volunteers in this role will need to be comfortable moving around the zoo grounds and to be alert and helpful to members and visitors.

This role involves spending time in different locations around the zoo, rotating with other volunteers. The different areas require similar approaches from volunteers, i.e. a friendly, helpful, smiling representative of Durrell who can engage visitors with a welcoming and informative approach.

We ask interested volunteers to sign up to at least one session every two weeks. If this is not possible but you would still like to be involved, please speak to the volunteer manager.

The areas include both inside and outside environments and so may involve being warm in the butterfly house to being outside the gorilla enclosure. Moving between stations is also part of the role so a good general health is necessary.

Training will involve a short tour of the areas and some reading on the different areas to help visitor make the most of their time. Durrell uniform and Volunteer ID badges should be worn while on duty in order to clearly identify volunteers to the public.

Lemur Pontoon 


Gorilla enclosure