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College/University Student Placements

Our agency is proud to be able to offer a variety of placement opportunities in partnership with public funded post secondary educational institutions.

Please note that the number of placements are limited and interview does not guarantee acceptance.

Student applications are dealt with a process similar to our Human Resources hiring process.

Activity Shifts Start End
Autism & Behaviour Services Student Placement 1
Child Clinical Services Student Placement 1
Developmental Services Student Placement 1
Early Childhoold Intervention Student Placement 1
Early Learning and Care Student Placement 1
Family Services Student Placement 1
Human Resources Student Placement 1
Youth Services Student Placement 1

Committee/ Advisory Member

We are a large rural community. Our agency plays an active role in supporting the residents of this community in partnership with other agencies.

We regularily look for community members to contribute and provide feedback/ support as a representative bringing their knowledge to the table.
Activity Shifts Start End
Youth Justice Comittee 1

Daily Operations Support

Looking for support in all aspects of the daily operations within the agency. This can include clerical, technical and hands on skills.

Always looking for fix it people and willing bodies to file etc.

Activity Shifts Start End
Administrative Support 1

Sharing your Gifts

If you have a talent or a willing heart we can put it to good use.

Feel free to contact me if you are willing to share your skills to help those in your community.

Maybe you play and intrument,are a good cook, teacher,enjoy getting out for a walk or visit. These are a few examples of gifts that we can use.

Think outside the box!
Activity Shifts Start End
Presenter 1
Visitor 1

Special Events

Through out the year a variety of events take place where we need willing hands to help out for a brief period of time.

This could be support assembling kits, handing out material at a parade, running a station at a community event etc.
Activity Shifts Start End
Community Events 1
Material Assembly/Preparation 1

Supporting Adult Service Participants

One of the groups HN REACH supports is adults. These adults may have developmental challenges or be a parent to give some examples.

Volunteers help enhance the services available to these individuals.
Activity Shifts Start End
Haldimand Norfolk Community Breastfeeding Buddies 1
Special Friend 1

Supporting Child(ren) Service Participants

The child served may need a tutor,one-on-one asssistance, support in a community activity or supervision in a group setting.

A caring volunteer can be a wonderful assest to the services provided to the child(ren).
Activity Shifts Start End
Child Support Worker 1
Program Support Worker 1

Supporting Youth Service Participants

One of the groups that HN REACH provides service for is youth.

The youth served may need a tutor,one-on-one support, or support in a community activity. A caring volunteer can be a wonderful assest to the services provided to the youth.
Activity Shifts Start End
Tutor 1
Youth Justice Comittee 1

Volunteer Driving

Volunteer Drivers are used to transport service participants as schedualed.
Activity Shifts Start End
Travel Companion 1
Volunteer Driver 1


Activity Shifts Start End
Youth Support Worker 1

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Mission Statement

Haldimand-Norfolk REACH promotes and supports social inclusion and community well-being by providing co-ordinated access, planning, programs and services for children, families and communities.

For more information, please visit our website.