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Hello Prospective SAMRU Volunteers! 

Andrea Davis here. I'm the Student Services Manager at SAMRU, and working with volunteers is my core area of work, along with SAMRU's Pinnacle Leadership Challenge (heading into its 5th year). I have had Admins (part-time students) working with me in past, but for Fall 2020, I will be working from home solo, with an Admin starting possibly in December 2020 instead. I'll let you know who that is in December, once our hiring process is complete.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering! We are currently accepting applications for Casual Support Volunteers, Virtual Volunteers, and the SAMRU President's Indigenous Advisory Committee. 

If you're looking to start getting to know people in the SAMRU/Volunteer community, a good place to start is our FaceBook group page called: "SAMRU Volunteers". Find us and ask to join the group. We want to hear from you! Please also follow @mysamru on Face Book, and @samrubuzz on Instagram & Twitter to stay up to date on what's happening at SAMRU.

Before you start volunteering, you are required to sign up and complete New SAMRU Volunteer Orientation (webinar + quiz) AND 'Working Across Difference' training. Once those sessions are complete, we will activate your profile on Volunteer Impact, and you can then get started with some volunteer shifts. 

We'd like to be able to show you how to sign up for an opportunity, orient you to the app called, 'My Impact', show you how to use time clock, log hours, chat on appreciation, volunteer training, other volunteer roles and help make your overall volunteer experience with us at SAMRU a good one. Please contact us at: .

We want to help you connect with more of your peers to build friendships, and to have plenty of fun, engaging experiences. Tell us how you'd like to be appreciated. Volunteers are the backbone of our organisation. You make a difference every time you help out, from programming to committee work, to supporting your peers and helping out in the community garden. Thank you for all the great work you do  (and will do) with and for us! Keep coming back! 


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