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Here you'll find some of the volunteering opportunities we have available.

Please note that most of our opportunities are seasonal, so even if you don't see something available right now but listed in the General Volunteering Opportunities section please do still fill in an application form and check back later. 

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General Volunteering Opportunities

Cocker Catchment

Activity Shifts Start End
Balsam Bashing: Above Loweswater 1 8/6/2024 8/6/2024
Balsam Bashing: Dubwath 2 7/25/2024 8/7/2024
Balsam bashing: Near Higher Mosser 2 7/23/2024 8/20/2024
Balsam bashing: near Loweswater village 2 8/1/2024 8/21/2024
Balsam Bashing: near Maggies Bridge 1 8/12/2024 8/12/2024
Balsam Bashing: near Park Beck 1 8/8/2024 8/8/2024
Balsam Bashing: On Loweswater 1 8/13/2024 8/13/2024

Derwent Catchment

Including the middle and lower Derwent 

Activity Shifts Start End
Balsam bashing: Great Wood 1 8/3/2024 8/3/2024

Glenderamackin Catchment

Activity Shifts Start End
Glenderamackin Volunteer Group - Building Wooden Tree Cages 1 8/21/2024 8/21/2024

Walkmill Community Woodlands

Activity Shifts Start End
Event Helpers - Summer Tree ID Walk 0 8/2/2024 8/2/2024
Event Volunteers - Summer Family Fun Day 1 8/5/2024 8/5/2024
Green Gyms - Secret Valley 1 8/22/2024 8/22/2024
Green Gyms - Tree and Wildflower Nursery 1 7/25/2024 7/25/2024
History Research Volunteer 1
Learning & Engagement Volunteer 1
Saturday's at Walkmill - Secret Valley 1 8/10/2024 8/10/2024
Wednesday's at Walkmill - Secret Valley 1 8/7/2024 8/7/2024

Mission Statement

Our objectives
West Cumbria Rivers Trust has a crucial role to play in raising awareness and increasing understanding of West Cumbria’s rivers and lakes. We do this by connecting with people locally to make a positive difference to the health of rivers, lakes, people and wildlife. To this end we have three core objectives, each with a specific set of goals.

Engaging communities and partnership organisations to enjoy our rivers and lakes by connecting people with rivers and nature.


  • A healthy river catchment is relevant and accessible to the West Cumbrian community who are actively engaged in protecting and securing its future.
  • The Trust is a well-respected and highly visible charity recognised as the leading organisation for river catchment management in West Cumbria.
  • Encouraging active participation of local people in the management of rivers


Restoring natural processes within the catchment and making changes on land to optimise the passage of clean water for flood mitigation and water quality whilst improving habitat and connectivity.


  • Improving natural habitat, river processes and water quality through an array of different projects across West Cumbria
  • Promoting good practice to improve water quality and the movement of water
  • Making changes in the landscape to hold and manage the passage of water more effectively

Protect the unique biodiversity of our catchments by connecting habitats to protect wildlife at a catchment scale.


  • Thriving wildlife habitats throughout our catchment
  • Working towards more natural and dynamic river systems
  • Promoting a network of resilient habitats improving connectivity for migratory species