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Welcome to Our General Interest Page!

Below you will find a wide variety of opportunities available to support the important work of Life Transforming Ministries VITA Program. 

We have opportunities for everyone. Experience is not needed.  Training is available for every position, including tax law. 

We have multiple sites all over Chester County and even one in Montgomery County. Volunteers choose daytime, evening and/or Saturday shifts to suit their availability in 3-5 hour increments.

If interested, fill out an application.  Submitting an application does not sign you up for any particular position; it just lets us know you may be interested in the future.  You will be able to choose your preferred positions at a later time.

We look forward to welcoming you to the VITA team!


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General Interests

Photography Team

.Do you enjoy taking pictures?  Our VITA team is always in need of volunteers to take random pictures of our VITA team and taxpayers.  These photos will be used in videos, publications, advertisements, news releases, at the award banquet, web sites, Facebook and for promotional or education material. 

Any and all pictures become the property of LTM and cannot be sold or used for any other purposes.  

This is an easy position for any of our volunteers.  You may even be volunteering in another capacity at a site, but can also sign up to snap pictures for us also.

Because you will be interacting at VITA sites with volunteers and taxpayers a very short conduct quiz is required for this position.


Facility Team

The facility team is responsible for opening a site; preparing laptops, monitors, scanners, phones and printers so they can communicate together.   If there is any set up needed of table, chairs or supplies, the facility team would assist with this process. 

At the end of the shift, it is the responsibility of the Facility Team to lock all equipment and supplies away prior to locking up.

If choosing this position, we encourage you to also sign up for one or more of our other positions.  It's not mandatory, but would give you something to do during the shift instead of leaving and coming back to close.

Sometimes, we have individuals who are willing to work with the Site Coordinator and Partner for the initial site set up in January to make sure everything is operational as far as computers, scanners, etc.  This would also fall under the Facility Team.

No tax law is needed for this position but a very short, Volunteer Standards of Conduct quiz is required.


Catering Team

When funds are available, we would like to to provide lunches, dinners etc. to our hard working volunteers when their shift runs into the lunch or dinner time hours.  We would also like to offer snacks and refreshments to our customers as a way to help them feel welcome and cared about. 

Catering may take on many forms.  It may be as simple as picking up hoagies, pizza or other items to deliver to the site.  It may be calling a caterer to deliver to the site.  For those who love cooking, it may mean you get to show off your latest creations.  

Because you would be interacting with volunteers and taxpayers, a quick conduct exam is required for this position.


Award gala committee

If funds permit, the Award Gala Committee will be in charge of organizing and planning an end of tax season Awards Program.  This committee would take care of all aspects including decorations, awards, catering, side shows, speakers etc.  Our aim is to make an enjoyable and fun time for volunteers and significant others to come together to celebrate achievements and friendships made through our VITA program.

As with any position that brings you into contact with volunteers and possible taxpayers, a very short conduct exam is required for this position.

Customer Care Team

Smiling, greeting, and treating every individual as a guest of honor will the number one qualification for this position!  

Our Customer Care team manages the waiting area by greeting all taxpayers as a VIP; will hand taxpayers forms to complete, and, if provided, offer taxpayers refreshments and snacks.  Once the taxpayer has finished filling out their intake forms, the Customer Care Team site representative will introduce them to the next available Intake Specialist.

Easy-peasy, but a very valued and important role as we aim to have the best customer service in town! 

There is no tax law needed, but a very short Volunteer Standards of Conduct quiz is required.

Trainers for Tax Law

As we move toward short video training sessions, we can always use those interested in helping.  Commitment for this can be for classroom, video, zoom or webinar training.  If you're great at communication, and wish to give this a try, please don't hesitate to check this off as one of your interests. 

Advanced certification is required for this position.  

Intake Specialist

Intake Specialist are our front line tax preparers and is our most needed position.  There will be more availability for this position than any other.  Smiling, scanning, and making every taxpayer feel like the most important person in the room will be your specialty. 

Besides enjoying interactions with taxpayers, our Intake Specialists check taxpayers paperwork to make sure we have all needed documentation to prepare the return.  Intake Specialists will scan paperwork and enter taxpayer's basic information into our software.  Our goal is superb customer service!

When not processing a walk-in client, an Intake Specialist may prepare returns within their certification level.

Basic or Advanced tax law is required for this position.  However, if you have no tax experience, that's okay ... we will teach you everything you need to know. 


Basic Tax Preparer

Our basic preparers are normally first year tax preparers.  No experience is required, as we train you in tax law and how to use the IRS TaxSlayer software.  You will always have access to multiple helps from written guides to instruction from other preparers at the site.

Along with preparing returns you will be required to help answer the phones.  If you are considering the basic position we encourage you to also choose the Intake Specialist position which is our number one need at sites.

Basic Tax Law Certification training is required for this position.

Advanced Tax Preparer

Our advanced tax preparers are normally second year or above volunteers.  We train you in advanced tax law, how to do quality reviews, and how to use the IRS TaxSlayer software. 

In additional to preparing and reviewing returns, you will be required to help answer the phones.

If choosing the advanced position we encourage you to also choose the Intake Specialist position which is our number one need at sites.


Mentors are advanced preparers who enjoy sitting with new volunteers to guide them through their first return.  Mentors enjoy the one-on-one guidance they give new volunteers.   This helps give the new volunteer confidence as they begin their adventure with us.

When not mentoring, the mentor will assume the role of an intake specialist or advanced volunteer, preparing basic and advanced returns and doing quality reviews.

Lead Volunteer

A step up from Advanced preparer is the Lead Volunteer.  This new position is for those who are certified as advanced preparers and enjoy helping other volunteers with questions as they work through their tax returns.  

Lead volunteers will prepare basic or advanced tax returns, and do quality reviews.

Sometimes a site may not have a Site Coordinator present.  When this happens a lead volunteer will be able to check the phones for messages, return phone calls, and will be trained how to e-file returns at the end of the shift.

Site Coordinator training is required for this position, but will not entail all the responsibilities of the stipend Site Coordinator role.

Site Coordinator

Site Coordinators are advanced preparers who have previously shadowed and learned from another experienced Site Coordinator.

Site Coordinators take on many roles such as opening the site if a facility team has not already done so, checks the phones for messages and returns calls.  The Site Coordinators main role is to be available to the other volunteers to help them with questions as they prepare returns.  A Site Coordinator can prepare basic or advanced returns and do quality reviews.

At the end of the shift, a Site Coordinator will electronically file all returns prepared during the shift and check to make sure they are accepted by the IRS.  If not accepted, they troubleshoot to find why and correct the return for re-submission.  

If a surprise inspection takes place, the Site Coordinator is the one who answers the questions and speaks with the IRS representative.  

This particular position is at the top of the list, has more responsibilities than other volunteers, and thus is a stipend position.

Tax Education Team

Life Transforming Ministries is receiving more and more requests for someone to speak to various groups about tax implications and answer general tax questions. We are building a list of individuals who would be willing to participate in such an endeavor.  If you would be willing to consider this, please check this off as one of your interests.

Spanish Interpreters

Our Landenberg VITA site is in great need of Spanish interpreters.  Our free tax service strives to be the most accurate and best we can be.  If you speak both Spanish and English, this is the position for you!  Having interpreters is an excellent way to guarantee the consistency and high quality of all of VITA's important work in the community.  Because you would be interacting with tax payers, a very short volunteer conduct quiz is needed for this position.

Speaking voices for non tax law training

Annual training for VITA volunteers is required by the IRS.  Part of this involves procedural type training that needs no tax law.  We are looking for those who have a clear and concise speaking voice.  We provide the PowerPoint and the script.  All we need is someone with a great voice to read the script.  We can do this over zoom so you never need to leave the comfort of your home.  Recording for these type trainings take place during late summer.  A short volunteer standards of conduct quiz is required for this training.