Site Coorindator

Site Coordinators are advanced preparers who have previously shadowed and learned from another experienced Site Coordinator.

Site Coordinators take on many roles such as opening the site if a facility team has not already done so, checks the phones for messages and returns calls.  The Site Coordinators main role is to be available to the other volunteers to help them with questions as they prepare returns.  A Site Coordinator can prepare basic or advanced returns and do quality reviews.

At the end of the shift, a Site Coordinator will electronically file all returns prepared during the shift and check to make sure they are accepted by the IRS.  If not accepted, they troubleshoot to find why and correct the return for re-submission.  

If a surprise inspection takes place, the Site Coordinator is the one who answers the questions and speaks with the IRS representative.  

This particular position is at the top of the list, has more responsibilities than other volunteers, and thus is a stipend position.