Wellness Centre

Wellness Centre at Jeffery Hale

At the Jeffery Hale, Wellness volunteers enhance the service offer adapted to meet the health and social service needs of the members of the English-speaking community.

You bring compassion, joy and community spirit to families, seniors and youth with special needs! 

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General Interests


As a child care volunteer, you care for children aged 5 years old and under while their parents participate in a parenting session. Your role is to ensure that the children are safe, secure and occupied. You are expected to be punctual, reliable and respectful and aware of the needs of young children. You must follow the established policies and procedures, as outlined in the Caring for Kids & Volunteer Guide.  


You will work with other volunteers in overseeing a group of children (maximum 12) in the children's space while their parents are in the adjoining room. You are expected to arrive, sign in, get your nametag and help with room set up, assist with assigned child care activities and clean-up.  You should be able to speak and understand English.


Activity Shifts Start End
Baby Chat afternoons 10 8/20/2019 5/12/2020
Is my Child on Track? workshop 1 10/22/2019 10/22/2019
Take-a-Break Drop In 12 11/15/2019 5/15/2020

Chit Chat Club

English and French-speakers get together once a month to work to a variety of tasks while practicing their second-language in small groups. It’s fun, informal and a great way to make new friends.

Volunteers work together in conversation groups on tasks like: washing/sanitizing toys, preparing crafts, folding newsletters or pamphlets, organizing books, folding fresh laundry, hanging decorations. These activities occur once a month on Friday.

Activity Shifts Start End
Chit Chat Club 7 9/13/2019 5/22/2020

Community Event_Fall Fest

Activity Shifts Start End
Greeter_Fall Fest 1 9/21/2019 9/21/2019
Photographer_Fall Fest 1 9/21/2019 9/21/2019
Supervising bouncy castles_Fall Fest 1 9/21/2019 9/21/2019

Senior Friendly Visits

Many older English-speaking adults find themselves alone here in the Quebec City region, family members and friends having long since moved away. You can help ease their loneliness with a cheery chat or visit now and then.

Together, you, the senior, the client’s social worker will decide the details about how often you will visit and for how long. The client’s social worker will arrange and be present at the first meeting to make the necessary introductions. You will call the client before each of your visits, and follow up with the Volunteer Coordinator about how your visits are going.

Visits can be as long as you want, typically 1 or 2 hours. You may log your time accordingly. 

Friendly Visits

Activity Shifts Start End
Friendly Visit 0

Senior Transportation to medical appointments

Driving seniors to medical appointments is our most urgent need. So many of our seniors do not have a strong support system nearby to to ensure they get access to the health services they need when they need them. Be it a dental appointment, a visit to the ophthalmologist, a hospital screening or ongoing treatment, every check-in with a professional has a profound impact on their overall health and well-being. 

If you do not drive, your guiding arm would still be welcome to assist a senior using adapted transportation services (STAC).

We offer to reimburse you for mileage! The reimbursement covers mileage from the senior's place of residence to the destination and back. 

Activity Shifts Start End
Drive & accompany seniors 0

Service to the community at large

Like being an agent that promotes the spread of important health information to your community? Be a health promotion agent, opportunities will show up here when needs arise.

Are you g00d with numb3r4? Lend your experience in filing income tax to community members in need of your expertise.

Parent's get involved in our EPIQ (English-speaking Parents in Quebec) or Park Playdate programs and host different activities as well as playdates for other English-speaking parents and families.

Activity Shifts Start End
Health Promotion Agent 1 10/16/2019 10/16/2019

About Us

The community Wellness Centre (WE) promotes the personal and shared well-being of English speakers in the Quebec City region by offering a range of healthy living programs. 

The WE, managed by Jeffery Hale Community Partners, embodies the spirit of the Community of Care slogan thanks to dynamic partnerships and strong volunteer engagement.

Volunteers build community, and we wouldn't be a community centre without you.