Assistance for seniors and vulnerable community members - Grocery Shopping


Please always follow public health measures of the place you are volunteering.  If you suspect to have the Flu or Covid, please cancel your trip with the client and notify the volunteer coordinator.

Please review the Assisting seniors with and without declining mental function e-learning module

Unfamiliar with transporting a person with limited mobility? Check out our online e-learning module on that topic here.

It is important to be prepared and to follow instructions for your safety and that of the person receiving your help. 


The long aisles of a grocery store can be a huge challenge for some older adults and your steady arm to hold is so reassuring. If you prefer, you can take the list and go on your own. A stop or two along the way for other errands may also be requested, such as to the pharmacy or post office.


  • Please wash your hands before and after helping the person.
  • Call the person to confirm the hour you will arrive to pick them up. Ideally they would be present at the entrance for you when you arrive.
  • Do not use your own reusable bags, you can ask the person you are assisting if they have their own.
  • Follow guidelines for correct lifting, bending and kneeling methods for heavy grocery bags:
    • Bending your knees when picking up or putting down a load
    • Keeping your back straight
    • Using both hands
    • Not overstretching
    • Keeping the load close to your body
  • Be aware of your environment and stay alert for any tripping hazards e.g. uneven pavements, icy, wet or slippery entryways etc.
  • Use a hand sanitizer before entering your home or wash your hands first thing upon arriving home.
  • Mileage is reimbursed at .62c/km from your home, to the clients home, to the grocery store(s) and back.

Qualifications Required

  • Do you have a valid driver's licence? / Avez vous un permi de conduire valide ? Must be Yes / oui
  • Police Check Validated / Revue d'antécédents judiciaires validée Must be Yes/Oui
  • What is your fluency in English / Quelle est votre maîtrise de la langue anglaise Must be at least Conversational / conversationnel