Assistance for seniors and vulnerable community members - Friendly Visits



Complete your volunteer orientation with the volunteer coordinator to understand your role as a volunteer.  A background check will be completed as outlined in our policies.



You offer companionship to those community members whom are particularly isolated. Your task includes dedicating an hour or more at a time to meeting this person in their home or in their yard.


You can converse with the person and be a good active listener. You are expected to be reliable, discreet, punctual, respectful, possess the ability to speak English clearly, and able to commit to regular visits with the person you are paired with for a 6-month minimum. 




  • Call the community member to introduce yourself and confirm the hour that you are scheduled to arrive at their home. 
  • Refrain from offering food or feeding the person you are visiting.
  • Never give medications or assist with bathroom needs.
  • Be an active listener (follow our Assisting seniors with and without declining mental function online training).
  • If you suspect to have COVID or the flu you must inform the person to reschedule your visit. 
  • Log your volunteer hours after your visit on, or email the volunteer coordinator. 
  • Have fun! 

Please note mileage is covered from your home, to the community member's home, and back at 0.62c/KM.

Qualifications Required

  • Police Check Validated / Revue d'antécédents judiciaires validée Must be Yes/Oui
  • What is your fluency in English / Quelle est votre maîtrise de la langue anglaise Must be at least Fluent / à l'aise