Assistance for seniors and vulnerable community members - WE Drivers

Important note

Follow public health measures: Please always practice proper handwashing and stay home if you suspect to have Covid or the flu. 


Drive clients to essential appointments (as requested by a health professional), accompany them inside if required (due to a physical or cognitive disability), and then take them home after.


  • Once your orientation is complete with the Volunteer Coordinator, you will start to receive WE Driver requests by email.  You an accept or decline based on your availability. 
  • If you accept, the Volunteer Coordinator will send you the confidential information of the person you will assist.
  • Call the client within 48 hours to introduce yourself, review the details of the appointment, and arrange the pick-up time.
  • Call the client again on the day of the appointment to remind them and to ask them to be waiting for you outside, if possible.
  • Arrive at the client's home at the arranged time.
  • Help them get in and out of your vehicle as needed.
  • Accompany the client into the building, stay in the waiting room, and then drive them home afterwards.

  • Respect the client's privacy! Do not discuss any confidential information that you may learn with anyone other than a staff member. You must securely destroy any confidential client information following the assignment, including all email correspondence.

  • Ask to be reimbursed for your mileage, starting from your home, to the client's place of residence, to the appointment, and back. AFTER you have accumulated at least $25 of expenses, please complete and sign the WE Volunteer Driver’s Expense Form and email it to the Volunteer Coordinator. We will reimburse you at a rate of .62 cents per kilometer, mailing a cheque to your home within three weeks or through direct deposit. 

Your responsibilities

  • Car insurance is your responsibility. It is your duty to report the nature of your volunteer job to your insurance company.
  • The client is responsible for paying for the parking during their visit.
  • Translating medical information is NOT part of your volunteer responsibilities. This is the responsibility of the health care professional or the institution providing services to the client.
  • If a last-minute emergency (less than 24 hours), including illness, makes it impossible for you to drive, you must contact the client and their intervenor directly as soon as possible, and also inform the volunteer coordinator.
  • It is important to be prepared and to follow instructions for your safety and that of the person receiving your help.
  • Not familiar with techniques to help someone with limited mobility move around? Check out our online e-learning module.

Qualifications Required

  • Do you have a valid driver's licence? / Avez vous un permi de conduire valide ? Must be Yes / oui
  • Police Check Validated / Revue d'antécédents judiciaires validée Must be Yes/Oui
  • What is your fluency in English / Quelle est votre maîtrise de la langue anglaise Must be at least Conversational / conversationnel