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Patient and Family Advisors

Patient and Family Advisors are patients, families, and other caregivers who partner with hospital healthcare providers to help improve the quality of our hospital's care for all patients and families.

In doing so, Patient and Family Advisors offer invaluable insights and input into the care and services offered within the hospital based on lived experiences. They also have the ability to identify what the hospital is doing well and what can be improved, as well as, contribute to developing solutions.

There are many different ways Patient and Family Advisors can partner with healthcare providers at Alberta Children's Hospital, from providing occasional input from the comfort of one's home to sitting on a formal committee or council at the hospital.

Advisor Qualifications

A Patient and Family Advisor is a patient*, family member (or caregiver) of a patient, who has received care at Alberta Children's Hospital, through any one of our service areas (e.g. Emergency Department, Inpatient and/or Outpatient Clinic).

The most important qualification a Patient and Family Advisor can have is experience as a patient and family member and a passion for wanting to improve the healthcare experience for all patients and families. We will provide any necessary training and support for Advisors to be successful in their engagement role.

*We welcome Youth to become involved and will seek parent/guardian permission to participate as appropriate


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Curious to learn more?

If you think that volunteering with ACH PFCC Network is right for you and you are ready to get started, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Click the [Fill in an Application] button on the right-hand side of this page and complete an application form.

Step 2: ACH PFCC staff will review your information and be in contact with you.

Step 3: If it is agreed that volunteering with AHS is something that you would like to pursue, you will be asked to complete our volunteer onboarding process which may include:

    • Providing two (2) references
    • Participating in Confidentiality and Privacy Training, including signing the AHS’s Confidentiality Form
    • Completing a photo and media consent form (optional).
    • Completing a Communicable Disease Assessment Form (if required).
    • Providing a Police Information Check (with VSS if required). 
    • Participating in our online, and program specific orientation.

Step 4: Learn how to use our volunteer system, how to sign up for opportunities and how to enter volunteer hours.  This can occur during or after onboarding is complete.


If you have any questions, please contact us by email

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Mission Statement

Alberta Children's Hospital Patient and Family Centred Care

The vision of the Alberta Children's Hospital is providing excellence in Patient and Family Centred Care.

Our definition of Patient and Family Centred Care:

At Alberta Children's Hospital children, youth, families, staff, and physicians partner together to provide excellent care.

We treat each other with respect, listen to one another, share ideas and information, ask and answer questions, create a safe environment and make decisions together.

Together We're Better.

This is Patient and Family Centred Care at Alberta Children's Hospital.


What are the qualities of an Advisor?

If you're considering volunteering as an Advisor, consider whether or not you have an interest and ability in sharing your healthcare experiences in ways that others can learn from, as well as whether or not you:

  • can see beyond your own personal experiences;
  • are a good listener;
  • are able to act to advise the improvement process rather than seek to influence an outcome;
  • do you respect the perspectives of others;
  • are interested in working collaboratively with health care leaders and providers to improve care and experiences for patients and families throughout Alberta.


How do I volunteer at a hospital in my area?

If you want to volunteer in a hospital volunteer position at a patient care location, please apply directly to Volunteer Resources at the hospital of your choice.  

You can find contact information by clicking this link: