Patient and Family Centred Care Network

The Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) Network is where we welcome all patients, family members (or caregiver) of a patient join. We call our volunteers Patient and Family Advisors.


A Patient and Family Advisor is a patient, family member (or caregiver) of a patient, who has received care at Alberta Children's Hospital (ACH) or Child Development Centre (CDC) through any one of our service areas (e.g. Emergency Department, Surgery, Inpatient and/or Outpatient Clinic). You don’t need to live in Calgary to be on our PFCC Network.

The most important qualification a Patient and Family Advisor can have is experience as a patient and family member and a passion for wanting to improve the healthcare experience for all patients and families. We will provide any necessary training and support for Advisors to be successful in more formal engagement roles.

Our PFCC Network is where Patient and Family Advisors:


  • Receive requests to provide input/feedback via email
  • Receive invitations to participate in more formal engagement opportunities
  • Receive our monthly PFCC e-newsletter that highlights Patient and Family Centred Care initiatives throughout the hospital, profiles Patient and Family Centred Care champions, as well as, patient and family education opportunities
  • Receive quarterly feedback update summaries as to how the PFCC Network has made a difference
  • Receive a PFCC Network Survey to complete which allows us to gain insight as to what is working well for our Advisors and what we can do to improve.


Advisors of our PFCC Network can choose how they want to be involved according to their areas of interest, experience, and time available to volunteer.


Some ways in which PFCC Network Advisors can participate:


  • Share a healthcare story at different healthcare venues (e.g. quality improvement project meetings)
  • Review and provide input and feedback via email on written materials, websites, videos, surveys etc. designed for patients/families
  • Become a member of a short-term working group
  • Participate in a focus group
  • Participate in education opportunities
  • Other short-term, ad-hoc commitments


Advisors who participate on network activities only do not go through a formal volunteer screening and onboarding process. We do request all PFCC Network volunteers sign an AHS confidentiality agreement.

To join the PFCC Network click the Sign Up button on the right and complete the application.

Once we receive your application, someone from the PFCC team will be in touch.