Prospect Human Services

At Prospect we care about people.

Which means, when you join the Prospect team, you become part of a community of caring and passionate people for whom professionalism, innovation, and collaboration are part of our DNA. We are constantly driven to inspire ourselves and the people we serve to break through barriers and employ change to reach their goals.

If you want support of any kind in the application or selection process, please contact the HR/Recruitment team by email at

To ensure we honour your needs for possible accommodations, a Prospect team member will consult with you during the process to ensure we have given appropriate and confidential consideration to any accessibility needs.

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Mission Statement

Our Mission

To reduce barriers and deliver sustainable solutions so that everyone, regardless of circumstance, can reach his or her employment potential.

Our Vision

Progressive workplaces nurturing a productive and diverse workforce.

Our Brand Pillars


Prospect approaches every opportunity with enthusiasm. We drive change with energy, optimism and commitment. Anyone who walks through our doors can feel the positive energy.


In every facet of our work, our actions show a commitment to professional management and service delivery. Prospect is accountable, ethical and honest.


Prospect creates change by envisioning the end game and creating the means to realize it. We believe asking “why not?” aids progress. Solutions are created when we think beyond traditional boundaries.


Prospect is driven to achieve equal access for all to opportunities and resources. We strive to create a fair, healthy and high-performing environment where everyone is respected, encouraged and motivated, and their contributions help Prospect attain its goals.


Prospect seeks different perspectives. All parties must be engaged, including for-profit, not-for-profit, funders and government. Only by understanding all points of view can we create inclusive workplaces.