Medicine Horse

Welcome potential volunteers! We're thrilled to have you considering joining our team. Your passion and commitment can make a real difference in our community. Let's work together to create positive change and impact lives. Thank you for considering being a part of our mission!


Please click the "Fill in an application" button when you are ready to complete your application! Once your application is submitted, our volunteer coordinator will review your application and send a follow up email with next steps within 48 hours! Next steps will include: a volunteer orientation and background check


Please note: Because we are a mental health facility, all staff and volunteers are required to complete a background check for your own safety and for our clients and animals! You will receive a link to complete the background check after being accepted. The fee is approximately $19.


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Who We Are

Medicine Horse is a non-profit organization that provides equine-facilitated psychotherapy and learning sessions either free of charge or by donation. Our mission is to use the empathic power of horses to transform lives and promote healing.

Our licensed therapists work with therapy horses to provide mental health support to various groups, including underserved and marginalized youth, members of the LGBTQ+ community, veterans, active duty service members, those recovering from substance abuse, women affected by breast cancer, and trauma and abuse survivors.


Our Values

To heal through connection:

At Medicine Horse, we believe that healing happens through relationship, and relationship begins with connection — to ourselves, our surroundings and others. The horses offer us a safe, forgiving, and non-judgmental place to experience the healing connection of relationship.

To transform:

At Medicine Horse, we believe that horses hold an ability to transform human lives for the better. When we listen, horses teach us to ground, to be present, and to connect. Working with our horses and therapists can lead to great personal insight and understanding.


To respect and honor the horse:

At Medicine Horse, we respect and honor the wisdom of the horse. We demonstrate this by making session interactions voluntary for our horses, and listening to and responding to their individual needs and requests.


To serve:

We serve diverse populations respecting the dignity and value of each individual.