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Shepherd’s Care Foundation is a faith-based, not-for-profit organization providing quality care and accommodations to more than 900 seniors throughout Edmonton and Barrhead. Our seven campuses provide living options for a full spectrum of care, including independent living, supportive living, supportive living with dementia, long-term care, and complex care.
Our Mission, ‘Living life in a caring, Christian environment’.
Our Volunteers play an important role in enriching the lives of our beloved seniors. Volunteering offers an excellent way to be involved in the local community, gain valuable experience, and build meaningful relationships. Shepherd’s Care Foundation offers many different ways to get involved, with opportunities for all interests and experience. Volunteers are integral in furthering Shepherd’s Care Foundation’s Mission and are an essential part of the team.
Come join the fun! Take a little peak at what some of the residents and staff have been up to....

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Volunteer Opportunities

Mealtime Feeding Assistance/Companion

Mealtime Assistance/Companion Volunteers can offer the support, companionship, and encouragement needed at mealtime that will have a significant impact on the resident’s quality of life and overall health. By sitting down to help someone eat, it becomes a true social occasion. Mealtime Companionship can make a major contribution to a resident’s social well-being and physical health.

Role Description: Responsibilities range from providing companionship and encouragement during the meal to feeding those with low-level feeding assistance needs who cannot feed themselves. Ongoing support from health care staff and training is provided.

Requires the completion of the online SCF Mealtime Assistance/Companion training with SCF. Mealtimes typically are at 9 am, Noon, and 5 pm. Volunteers are asked to arrive 15 mins before scheduled mealtime to assist with portering (assisting those in wheelchairs) to the dining room. Volunteers then assist with mealtime support and help porter residents for their return. Approx. 1.5 hours total. Volunteers do not need to be available for all mealtimes. This fits well with volunteers requiring a more flexible, drop-in schedule.

(North) Kensington Village > 12603 – 135 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5L 5B2
(South) Millwoods Care Centre > 6620–28 Ave Edmonton, AB T6K 2R1


Porter Volunteers provide safe transportation of residents in wheelchairs to and from Church service and/or other activities. This enables residents to participate in activities and programs that contribute to a resident’s well-being. Volunteers can enjoy conversation, and develop relationships that brighten the resident’s day.

Role Description: safely transport residents to and from programs, Church, or other activities. There are a variety of Church service days on site, including Sunday.

Sunday Church Porter - Millwoods & Kensington

Sunday Church Service Volunteers will assist residents that are using a wheelchair/walker/ cane, and enable them to attend Sunday church service. Volunteers will be expected to remain on-site to Porter both to and from service. 

 Day/Time : Sun 10am-Noon Millwoods or Kensington Village locations.

Dress Code: Closed-toe, closed-heel footwear, comfortable modest clothing. No strong scents. No logos or t-shirts with inappropriate print designs.

Required Qualifications: Critical thinking. Able to take direction from SCF staff. Physically able walk the required distance from resident’s room to recreation areas while assisting resident.

Desired Attributes: Punctual, Patient, compassionate, empathetic

Training and Support Provided:  Organizational Orientation, Job Specific Orientation, SCF will provide training on the safe handling of walkers and wheelchairs.

Expected Outcomes: The resident will be able to be spiritually enriched by church services.   

Benefits: Building resume.  Personal enjoyment of nurturing friendships with the residents. The knowledge that you are contributing to the joy of seniors' lives in your community.



Pastoral Hymn Sing Leader

Hymn Sing Leaders help maintain the residents love for hymns, increase fellowship with like-minded residents and to find encouragement and joy in music. It is very special to get to be a part of worship with our dear residents.

Job Description/Responsibilities: Working in conjunction with Pastoral Care, the Volunteer will plan and execute the hymn sing program. This includes providing an opening prayer, leading hymn singing, devotional reading between songs, and a closing prayer.

Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy Volunteers bring their animals on site to visit with the residents. Studies have shown that holding or petting an animal helps lower blood pressure, releases strains and tension, as well as ease feelings of loneliness and depression. Pet visits are a resident favorite and increase social interaction, provides sensory stimulation, increasing range of motion, and experiences of self-expression and trust.

Job Description/Responsibilities: Pet Therapy Volunteers will visit specified residents onsite according to needs, and as scheduled by SCF staff, and/or provide supervision for safe resident interaction with the pet therapy animal. Volunteer is responsible for all cleanup of animal “messes”.

NOTE: This Position requires the use of the volunteers own dog that must comply with the standards of a program deemed recognized by Shepherd’s Care Foundation. SCF has forged a relationship with a recognized organization that offers free Pet Therapy training for your pet if it qualifies according to their program guidelines.

Rehab Support

Rehab Volunteers provide companionship to residents and help implement programming that presents a variety of activities, which may include motor activities such as puzzles, stories, and sensory-based engagement. Volunteers help porter residents and may assist residents with exercises, as directed by SCF staff. This is a great way to get to know residents and contribute to their overall health.

Job Description/Responsibilities: With the support from the Occupational Therapist and SCF staff, the Volunteer will be responsible for implementing a 1:1 program with provided materials that engage the resident for positive outcomes. Volunteer may also support PT program in the therapy gym as directed by SCF OT staff.

Recreation Therapy Volunteer

Recreation Volunteers enrich our resident’s lives by providing companionship and enabling them to participate in desired Recreation Therapy activities. Recreation Therapy helps to remove barriers that may prevent residents from participating in meaningful leisure. Bingo, modified bowling and volleyball, arts and crafts. These are just a few of the ways that Recreation Therapy enriches the lives of residents.

Role Descriptions: Recreation Volunteers will assist staff in the delivery of activities and programs as required. This includes portering to programs, and may include one to one visits if desired. 1:1 Companion Visits will visit only specified residents’ onsite according to needs, and as scheduled by SCF staff. May include the opportunity to accompany residents to off-site locations and/ or provide companionship at events and/or programs, under the direction of Recreation staff.

Tovertafel Volunteer

Tovertafel Volunteers connect with residents using the Tovertafel care tool. The Tovertafel is used to promote physical activity and happiness for residents and those living with dementia. Using a special projector, the resident can enjoy interactive games and complete objectives. Volunteers are able to facilitate this activity, and engage with residents in an enjoyable experience that contributes to the resident's overall well-being. 

Role Description: using the Tovertafel projector, the volunteer guides residents through interactive games and objectives. This is a simple to use tool that creates opportunity to connect with residents. Training is provided and SCF staff are always available for assistance if required. 

*Available at Vanguard and Kensington locations.

Pastoral Care Volunteer

Pastoral Care Volunteers are committed to supporting the spiritual life of residents and furthering Shepherd's Care Foundation's mission 'Living life in a caring, Christian environment'. Volunteers can enjoy connecting with residents and build relationships through fellowship. 

Role Description: To provide companionship through one-on-one visits when requested by a resident. Fellowship may include reading scripture, singing hymns, and praying together.

Piano Player

Piano Player Volunteers can share their love of music by playing piano for the residents. This provides an opportunity to create memorable experiences and connect with residents. 

Role Description: To play music for the residents. Does not require any professional ability, just a love of music and desire to share with others. Great opportunity to practice playing skills!

Bus Outing Volunteer

Bus Outing Volunteers help to enable residents to connect with their community, improve mental health, and aid in their independence. Volunteers provide the companionship and support needed to help create these opportunities, and make them a success!

Role Description: Volunteers will be responsible for safely assisting with onboarding and off boarding of transportation for residents with a walker or wheelchair.  Volunteer can provide companionship, and will remain with resident to/ from/ during activity.

Second Language Visitor

Second Language Volunteers can provide meaningful conversation for those who may not speak English. Some residents speak English as their second language ( or have forgotten much of their English language) and would greatly benefit from a visit with someone who can communicate with them in their first language.  This also provides a great opportunity to keep/practice your language skills!

Role Description: Volunteers will visit residents who can benefit from conversation in another language. If you are interested, please let us know if you speak another language on your application. Some specific needs right now include Croatian and Japanese. 

Balloon Volleyball - Kensington Village

Come and be a part of the fun assisting our residents enjoy a good game of volleyball!  Residents enjoy passing a beach ball/balloon across the net hoping to land the ball in the opponent's court. However, if that beach ball gets away (and it does!) they will need the assistance of an amazing volunteer to bring the beach ball/balloon back to the game. Volunteers will also assist in portering (moving residents in wheelchairs) to the indoor game location. With some upbeat Rock n Roll music, everyone enjoys this party-like atmosphere where they can enjoy a fun and non-competitive activity for residents of all backgrounds and abilities. 

Purpose: to enrich the resident’s lives by providing companionship and enabling them to participate in desired activities

Day/Time/Location: Fridays at 10:00 am,  Kensington Village (12603 135 Ave. NW, Edmonton). 

Qualifications: physical ability to porter and movement required to bend and grab beach ball. Ability to keep up with the game momentum. 

Desired Attributes: patience, compassion, and a desire to have fun with sport! 

Dress Code: closed-toed shoes, modest apparel, volunteer nametag. No scents, please. Required to dress accordingly for activity.

Training and Support Provided: Volunteer General Orientation and Site Orientation. Role and activity are supported by the Recreation staff.

Expected Outcomes:  Enabling residents to be engaged in activities and socialize with others. Helps residents connect with others, improves physical/mental health, and aids in their overall well-being

Benefits: Addition to your Resume, build relationships within the community, and personal fulfillment while making a difference in the lives of others. 


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