Sunday Church Porter - Millwoods & Kensington

Sunday Church Service Volunteers will assist residents that are using a wheelchair/walker/ cane, and enable them to attend Sunday church service. Volunteers will be expected to remain on-site to Porter both to and from service. 

 Day/Time : Sun 10am-Noon Millwoods or Kensington Village locations.

Dress Code: Closed-toe, closed-heel footwear, comfortable modest clothing. No strong scents. No logos or t-shirts with inappropriate print designs.

Required Qualifications: Critical thinking. Able to take direction from SCF staff. Physically able walk the required distance from resident’s room to recreation areas while assisting resident.

Desired Attributes: Punctual, Patient, compassionate, empathetic

Training and Support Provided:  Organizational Orientation, Job Specific Orientation, SCF will provide training on the safe handling of walkers and wheelchairs.

Expected Outcomes: The resident will be able to be spiritually enriched by church services.   

Benefits: Building resume.  Personal enjoyment of nurturing friendships with the residents. The knowledge that you are contributing to the joy of seniors' lives in your community.