Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy Volunteers bring their animals on site to visit with the residents. Studies have shown that holding or petting an animal helps lower blood pressure, releases strains and tension, as well as ease feelings of loneliness and depression. Pet visits are a resident favorite and increase social interaction, provides sensory stimulation, increasing range of motion, and experiences of self-expression and trust.

Job Description/Responsibilities: Pet Therapy Volunteers will visit specified residents onsite according to needs, and as scheduled by SCF staff, and/or provide supervision for safe resident interaction with the pet therapy animal. Volunteer is responsible for all cleanup of animal “messes”.

NOTE: This Position requires the use of the volunteers own dog that must comply with the standards of a program deemed recognized by Shepherd’s Care Foundation. SCF has forged a relationship with a recognized organization that offers free Pet Therapy training for your pet if it qualifies according to their program guidelines.