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Activity Shifts Start End
Alberta Pain Strategy Recruiting Patient Advisors for Chronic Pain Outcome Measures Working Group 1
ENCOMPASS: ENhancing Community Health through Patient navigation, Advocacy and Social Support, Advisory Committee 1
Evaluating a New Knee Brace Design for Knee Osteoarthritis 1
Evaluation of a Website about Patient-Researcher Partnerships 1
Individualized pediatric care: Evaluating patient preferences for acute and preventative headache treatment 1
Parents Empowering Neurodiverse Kids: Strongest Families Neurodevelopmental Study 1
Patient Advisory Council for Optimizing Rheumatoid Arthritis Care 1
Self-management dietary and lifestyle intervention for patients with severe osteoarthritis 1
Understanding Indigenous Experiences of Patient Safety in Canada 1

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About Us

Welcome to!

Supported by the AbSPORU Patient Engagement Platform (often just called the PE Platform) and other partners, this online Albertans4Health Research network is a place to connect with research teams and play an active role, as equal research partners, on projects that matter to you. Patients have valuable lived experiences, and can contribute to and inform research priorities and results that are more relevant, and meaningful.

You will see research opportunities here on this main page and can contact the researchers directly about projects you are interested in.

You can also sign up "volunteer" to receive regular emails about different research opportunities.  You will also receive emails about our PE Platform and sometimes we ask for your opinions and insights regarding our work.

 Why am I being called a 'volunteer'? What is the time commitment?

This online network uses the term "Volunteer" because the tool is built using volunteer management software. Yes, you would be volunteering your time, but often reimbursement is available for out-of-pocket expenses and compensation may be offered for your valued lived experience and expertise.

Please ignore the "Shifts" and "Start/End Date" functions since we do not expect you to log hours or file reports or work outside your comfort/affordability zone.

We work with you across the Levels of Patient Engagement in Health Research (see below image) which offers different levels of work and time commitments. On average, most research projects ask patient/family and public members for 3-4 hours of their time a month.

Who is a "patient"? Am I a "patient"?

We have collaborated with PaCER (Patient and Community Engagement Research) to produce this short video, "Who Is a Patient?" in English and French.

The label "patient" is not without controversy; many people do not like this label, or think it appropriate. The term "patient" refers to an individual (or family member/friend) with a lived experience of the health system or a health issue. Others have used such terms as "public", "citizen", or "a person with lived experience" to refer to patients (Canadian Institutes for Health Research, 2014).

 I have questions. Who do I ask?

We are happy to answer your questions! We offer services and supports to researchers and patients across Alberta. To request help using this online network, email the PE Platform email  Please leave provide a phone number if you would like us to call you back. We are happy to do so!

Doing research in Alberta? Apply online for research services and support through the Alberta SPOR Support Services portal! 


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"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." -Mahatma Gandhi