Open Space Division

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Open Space division at the City of Boise. We are committed to ensuring the conservation and protection of Boise's natural heritage as well as educating the next generation of open space participants. Our volunteers are essential to our mission to build a conservation ethic and connect people to Boise's dynamic and diverse natural landscape. Opportunities to get involved include:

  • Open Space restoration
  • Foothills Learning Center
  • Boise Urban Garden School
  • Ridge to Rivers trail projects
  • Ridge to Rivers trail ranger program
  • Scout Projects
  • Class Assistance

Check out volunteer opportunities on this page and sign up. We are so glad you are interested in becoming part of our team, thank you!

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Boise Urban Garden School

The Boise Urban Garden School (BUGS) is a specialized, inquiry-based education organization. We strive to provide students with unique learning experiences by utilizing an organic garden setting. Since our founding, we have been dedicated to providing students with knowledge through “real life” experiences, and each year we are able to serve approximately 6,500 local youth and families through a variety of educational programs. We know that a student who is able to dig in the soil, plant a seed, and watch it grow will be excited to eat the fruits of their labor, and will better understand the science behind a sprouting seed or the process of photosynthesis.

Activity Shifts Start End
Growing a Garden 1 12/9/2021 12/9/2021

Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center

The Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center (JHFLC) is a place where visitors can explore, learn about, and connect with Boise's diverse natural landscapes. We serve over 10,000 students and community members annually, offering environmental education programs designed to ignite interest in natural resources, science, and Idaho's cultural and ecological heritage.

Activity Shifts Start End
Foothills Family Days 3 3/12/2022 5/14/2022

Open Space

The City of Boise Open Space Reserves are a diverse group of protected properties, each of which represents significant ecological, historical, recreational or cultural value to our community. Together they form strong connections to our natural environment and are worthy of lasting conservation. Simply stated, our open space reserves are the special places we go to reflect, to play, to learn and to live.

Activity Shifts Start End
Adopt-a-Habitat 1
Eagle Award Projects 1
Service Projects 1

Ridge to Rivers

The Ridge to Rivers partnership consists of the City of Boise, Ada County, the Bureau of Land Management Four Rivers Field Office, the Boise National Forest and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The Partnership exists under a multi-agency Memorandum of Understanding, with the City of Boise serving as the lead agency.

Activity Shifts Start End
Eagle Award Projects 1
Service Projects 1

Mission Statement

Dedicated to promote-through environmental education, service opportunities, and outreach-the preservation and responsible use of the Boise Foothills; and to foster an understanding and appreciation of our place in the natural world.