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Welcome to the volunteer homepage for the City of San Carlos Parks & Recreation Department! In Parks & Recreation, we believe that "Parks Make Life Better"... and volunteers make PARKS better!

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General Interests

1. Hometown Days

Activity Shifts Start End
Band Parking Assistance 6 5/18/2024 5/19/2024
Beer Garden - Pour Beer & Wine! 5 5/18/2024 5/19/2024
Grass Area Beer Garden - Pour Beer & Wine! 8 5/18/2024 5/19/2024
Hometown Days Information Booth 6 5/18/2024 5/19/2024
Park Cleanup 9 5/17/2024 5/19/2024
Paw-Tastic Pet Parade Crew 0 5/19/2024 5/19/2024
Rotary Club Fun Run: Course Monitors 1 5/19/2024 5/19/2024
Rotary Club Fun Run: Hospitality and T-Shirt Distribution 1 5/19/2024 5/19/2024
Rotary Club Fun Run: Registration 1 5/19/2024 5/19/2024
Sign Placement 1 5/18/2024 5/18/2024
Vendor Assistance 4 5/18/2024 5/19/2024
Vendor Load-In/Parking 2 5/18/2024 5/19/2024
Vendor Load-Out 1 5/19/2024 5/19/2024

1. San Carlos Day of Service

San Carlos Day of Service is a one-day celebration of our wonderful city through acts of community service!

We live in a community that is unique in its strong and vibrant identity and pride. The Day of Service grows our sense of community through one day dedicated to giving back. In celebration of Earth Day, our 2024 projects and partners will focus on environmentally conscious goals!

Activity Shifts Start End
Beautify the Brittan Acres Campus! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Beautify the Campus at Mariposa Upper Elementary! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Beautify the Industrial Arts District! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Brownie Troop 61723 in Partnership with UC Master Gardeners (PRIVATE GROUP) 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Buddy Bench and Outdoor Library with A.C.E. at White Oaks Elementary! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Clean and Organize at One Step Beyond, Inc.! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Garden and Clean Up at the Heather School Campus! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Garden with Each Green Corner on the Tierra Middle School campus! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Join the Lions Club Donation Drive! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Make Wildlower Seed Bombs with Church of the Epiphany! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Orchard Project and Library Patio Project at Tierra Linda! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Paint Playground Lines and Weed Gardens at Arundel School! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Planting Project at Highlands Park! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Planting Project at Laureola Park! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Refresh the Planter Boxes on Laurel Street! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Seed Bombs and Planter Boxes with A.C.E at Arundel Elementary School! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Volunteer with the San Carlos Library! 2 4/21/2024 4/21/2024
Youth Volunteers: Start Seedlings in the Youth Center Garden! 1 4/21/2024 4/21/2024

3. Community Events

Activity Shifts Start End
Blood Drive Canteen (AM) 1 5/11/2024 5/11/2024
Blood Drive Canteen (AM) 1 8/17/2024 8/17/2024
Blood Drive Canteen (PM) 1 5/11/2024 5/11/2024
Blood Drive Canteen (PM) 1 8/17/2024 8/17/2024
Pride in the Park: Event Load-Out/Cleanup 1 6/15/2024 6/15/2024
Pride in the Park: Vendor Load-In 1 6/15/2024 6/15/2024

4. Youth Development

Activity Shifts Start End
Youth Advisory Council: Pop-Up Thrift Shop Booth 8 5/18/2024 5/19/2024

6. VolunTEEN

Activity Shifts Start End
VolunTEEN: Pop-Up Thrift Laundry 1 5/9/2024 5/9/2024
Youth Advisory Council: Pop-Up Thrift Sorting 1 5/8/2024 5/8/2024

7. Adopt-a-Project

Activity Shifts Start End
Laurel Street Hanging Pots 1
Laurel Street Pots 1
Trail/Park Maintenance 1

Youth Sports

Thank you for visiting the Youth Sports page! We are so excited in your interest in being involved and coaching a youth basketball or flag football team! 

If you are new to coaching this year, you will need to have a live scan completed to the first game. We will have a mobile live scanning service at the Flag Football and Basketball tryouts free of charge where you can complete this portion of the application process.

Feel free to contact with any questions or concerns about the upcoming season!

Holly Gonzales

Athletics Coordinator

(650) 802-4124




Activity Shifts Start End
Youth Basketball 1
Youth Flag Football 1

Mission Statement

MISSION The City of San Carlos provides high-quality services and facilities to its residents in an equitable, sustainable, transparent, responsive, and friendly manner to foster an inclusive, safe, and healthy community now and in the future.

VISION The City of San Carlos will continue to lead with confidence into the future as a desirable, vibrant, equitable, inclusive, and business friendly community, admired by all as a great place to live, learn, work, and play.

CORE VALUES Not in priority order

  • Fostering a safe, diverse, welcoming, and engaged community that recognizes the importance of social equity
  • Ensuring fiscal responsibility and the sustainability of San Carlos’ resources, infrastructure, and social/cultural environment
  • Proactively protecting our physical environment from the threats of climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Recognizing the needs and challenges of the community and promoting its well-being
  • Demonstrating high ethical and professional standards, including high quality customer service
  • Leading and managing effectively by engaging the community, thinking strategically, remaining proactive, and planning for the future
  • Supporting the well-being of employees, investing in their development, and aligning staffing and resources with the demand for City services