DOXA Photography & Videography Volunteer!


  • Are you interested in supporting DOXA with your exemplary eye and ability to capture an artful perspective within a moment?
  • Are you friendly, have good communication skills, dependable, and able to work independently, maintaining professionalism with all DOXA-related contacts?

Volunteer Qualities: 

  • Friendly
  • engaged 
  • supportive of DOXA photography and filming objectives 
  • Interested in promoting DOXA by capturing eye catching moments and images that encapsulate the overall festival: its people, events and highlights

As a DOXA Photography & Videography Volunteer you:

  • Enjoy capturing a variety of photos at events ranging from posed guest shots, candid shots, promotional materials of sponsors at the festival, audience pans, and Q&A panels, visiting filmmakers and guests 
  • Will assist with the set-up and strike of certain spaces and photography/ filmmaking materials 
  • Are ready and available to supply your own equipment and basic post-production.

Please note: if you do not own all of these items, contact us with a list of what you have available

PHOTOGRAPHERS: digital SLR, multiple lenses (at least one low light friendly), multiple 12GB+ memory cards, tripod/monopod, flash, card reader, editing software ยป

VIDEOGRAPHERS: digital video camera, onboard mic, onboard light source, multiple 12GB+ memory cards, tripod, ash card reader, editing software

Volunteers include both the time in festival and in production with a minimum 16 hour commitment. Note that volunteers who commit and perform beyond 24 hours, shoot & post inclusive, are eligible for a Festival Pass and other perks